Track of the Apocalypse Ch5 Ficbit – Not on the Map

Here goes everything. With a mental shrug, Jack faced Ayame. “Where we’re from, is not on that map.”

The two bushi were not quite giving him the evil eye. Ayame frowned, looking down toward that odd polar continent. “I know there are parts of Albion they don’t allow on maps permitted outside the country, for security….”

“We’re not from Albion,” Jack said flatly. “But you knew that already.”

“We did,” Ayame replied, calm and unruffled as Teal’c in a good mood. “This is one of our steamsmiths’ personal maps.”

That yanked Daniel’s attention like she’d hooked him with a line. “You have someone from another nation as a steamsmith here?”

Jack tried not to roll his eyes, because why was that even-?

No. Wait. That actually was pretty important. And snapped right in like a puzzle-piece with the Koutetsujou snatching up refugees, coming to yank them out of a Kabane-infested city, and only blinking at Teal’c, Junior and all.

You’re alive. You’re not Kabane.

Hold out, we’re coming to get you.

“Suzuki may want to talk to you later.” Ayame studied the linguist. “He says your language sounds very strange.” She smiled at Sam. “You’d want to talk to him anyway, if you’re curious about fusion. Makurakii Engines were invented in Albion. I only hope they were as quick to adopt our armoring techniques for their fortresses and… trains.” She glanced at Teal’c, then returned her gaze deliberately to Jack. “My bushi say that you are from far away, and Teal’c is from yet another place, where apparently… something… lives in the stomachs of his folk. If you are not on this map, where are you from?”

Ooookay then. Jack straightened, making sure he looked as serious as he would for any other commander with Need To Know. Because she actually did need to know, or SG-1 was likely to buy it in a painful and ugly way because the locals didn’t know the team didn’t know when to duck. “Don’t suppose your people have any old legends? About Tiw and Izanami and where humans came from before they lived here?”

A/N: FYI, I had to fight my way through the last part of chapter 5 with RL collapsing around my ears, so while I have ideas for several scenes in 6, the bunnies are currently just barely getting going on sketching out the first scene in more detail. Just giving you all a heads-up.

…Also, random observation, I am apparently not the only one who gets old-fashioned Captain America vibes from Hank in To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts. As in the comics version, waaaay pre that Hydra mess, and definitely not the mess in the MCU. Hank is an unabashed Good Guy. That’s rare these days!


16 thoughts on “Track of the Apocalypse Ch5 Ficbit – Not on the Map

  1. Sorry to hear your muse got derailed. Let’s see how Jack and co manage to get their offworld origins across. I don’t think they’d have to worry much about people coming throught the ‘Gate being taboo, since Ma’chello managed to get situated. Since it would have been agents/seervants of the Goa’Uld using the ‘gate more often or not, it likely wouldn’t imply “kami” status just by using it.

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    1. Not derailed – at least I hope not! Just temporarily exhausted. Hopefully things will get a little easier after we get a plumber tomorrow.

      …Yeah, it’s been one of THOSE weeks. I’ve tried everything I have the knowledge and capability to do, time to call in an expert.

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  2. Hugs to you, and sincere hopes that things get better soon.

    Is there an ancient outpost at the pole because that is awesome and the islands have got to be running full quarantine protocols on every ship the can. Koutetsujou’s radio would be running FM, right? Are there AM signals anywhere?

    (Cherry Chili made me wants to load Plants and Zombies for the Chili Bomb plant they have in the game. Hot Hot Hot.)

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  3. Don’t worry about the story fighting you. I often have the massive issue of being able to see scenes in my head but never being able to effectively transfer them into words on the proverbial page.

    Though Danny has got to be bouncing like mad at the implications of an entire world with different countries, cultures, languages etc from what Ayame has casually referred to. As if they’re a normal and expected thing.

    Because while one can understand episode lengths and bugjet constraints, the various former-slave human civilizations that are visited by SG1 tend to be pretty small/homogeneous.

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    1. Bugjet makes the bunnies giggle. You won’t like it when my bunnies giggle. (Actually, I’m more for the joke than the accuracy on sentence two.)

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      1. Imagine the SGC getting a hold of some organic tech, and using it to build a jet engine light passenger craft that can handle extremely rough airfields, and collapse its airframe to fit through the gate. Send it through the gate, send aviation gas through the gate somehow, fuel it up, and you do stories that are neither limited by walking distance from the gate, nor local transportation infrastructure nor a convenient ancient provided spaceship.

        Of course, with the Air Force’s current methods for getting aircraft, it gets super implausible that a simple tech transfer would result in an airfoil based system that would easily handle different gravities and especially atmospheric compositions.

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  4. Things are a little crazy on my end, so I hesitate to make any promises. I’m rereading Embers, am at thirty three, and think a series of guest posts with discussion points could fill the hole you may have. (Furthermore, What Comes Around, MCO and some other fics would be nice things to do this with when you have gaps in coming years.)

    Embers breaks down fairly neatly to nine ten chapter units and the epilogue 91. I could perhaps put together posts on the first three units without too much work. Probably also should do Theft Absolute as an introduction, but I didn’t reread that.

    I could probably deliver something that isn’t too politically controversial, and work with you to trim anything you are uncomfortable with.

    Problems: For RL reasons, I probably need to slow down on my reread, or even stop. So there is a limit to what I could deliver. ATM. I know Foxfier would have some good ideas, but I am not going to volunteer her. I forget if Suburbanbanshee is also one of the old hard core Embers fans.

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      1. Thanks.

        I think I’ll try and have something together for Theft, E0-10, E10-20, and E20-30. (Is there a contact form or something I can use to get into email contact to send the docs, Vathara?)

        My intuition is that the most interesting way to distribute the rest between you two is you doing E30-60, however you want to break that down, and Foxfier doing E60-90. Also, if Foxfier doesn’t want to do it, we’ll have time to find another interested volunteer. By the time things are done, I should have the spoons again for E91, and maybe a separate overall reflection.


  5. Whoa..Izanami was the Gou’ald!? The Kabane may be homegrown. She is said to have promised to kill 1000 humans a day after all.

    Incidentally, If anyone happens to have dedicated gaming computer and wwnt to experience a zpoc, check out “They Are Billions!”. The dedicated computer is because the game has s***tons of zombies. As in 5K on absolute lowest population setting. Fair Warning: I don’t reccommend this to anyone who gets stressed easily or is so-so at Real Time Strategies. I’m getting my butt kicked with 15 years of playing Disgaea and Command & Conquer.

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