Track of the Apocalypse Ch5 Ficbit – Logic

“A long time ago, we think about eight thousand years, beings from another world found Earth. Our world,” Daniel clarified. “They studied us, and human myths, and decided they could use them. Pretend to be gods, to take humans as slaves. With the technology they had – ships that could travel space, weapons that could kill without a touch, chemicals that could break minds and wills – our ancestors thought they were gods. Until Ra finally went too far, and we rebelled.” Blue eyes hardened behind glass. “We call them the Goa’uld.”

Not a flicker of recognition, Jack noted. But they were at least listening.

“Our ancestors buried the Stargate on Earth. Covered it over and forgot about it,” Daniel said ruefully. “But the Goa’uld live a long, long time. They’re still out there, ruling over countless planets of humans descended from those kidnapped people. They want to take Earth back – to have us all as slaves, and worse.” He waved at the team. “We’ve been going to other worlds, meeting other groups of humans, to try and find help against the Goa’uld. And to help them, if we can. That’s why we were in Keishi. It’s where the Goa’uld came to this world, centuries ago. We knew the Goa’uld who’d ruled here were gone, Teal’c said they disappeared about five centuries ago or so, so we hoped this was an independent planet. We never expected to find… well. This.”

Silence. Ayame’s maid was all but trying to make herself invisible against the wall, blinking.

Ayame glanced at her two bushi, who did not look at all happy, then met Jack’s gaze directly. “You claim to be from another planet. Another living world.”

“Crazy, but true,” Jack agreed.

“And that there is another species – an alien species – with technology more advanced than either of our worlds, that wants to enslave us all.” Ayame straightened. “If that’s true, why aren’t they here?”


9 thoughts on “Track of the Apocalypse Ch5 Ficbit – Logic

    1. So do I. Past experience with our dear author says it’s going to be a doozy.
      Especially once you go over the clues left prior and find yourself surprised that you didn’t see it before.

      Surprise vs. Shock done right, to refer to an earlier post.

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  1. – “Why aren’t they here?” –

    I headcanon that the reason the Goa’uld left Earth alone for so long had two complementary sides:

    First, it was in a region of space claimed by Ra himself. Trying to go there during the thousands of years between the rebellion and SG1 kicking off (I do not believe that the Goa’uld were kidnapping populations during that time, and subscribe to the parallel evolution of events theory that V herself put forth in other SG1 fics she’s written) would be viewed rather similar to me deciding I’m going to march Buckingham Palace and take up residence in the East Wing. Given I’m not even a citizen her nation, the Queen would take an extremely dim view of my actions.

    Multiply that by the way the Goa’uld canonically interact and that’s a good way to get yourself stuffed into a canopic jar for several thousand years, if not executed outright.

    Second, there’s no naquadah anywhere near Earth anymore. And as the Goa’uld are tech scavengers, not tech innovators, once there’s no more naquadah for them to mine for powering the tech they do have, with Tenka was depleted of naquadah the only reason to keep a presence there is for slaves.

    Given Goa’uld rule territories with easily dozens of worlds the “loss” of one world’s naquadah production would be an inconvenience and you can always get more slaves elsewhere.

    …humans are nothing if not really invested in continuation of the species…

    Inasmuch as the McRucky is (at least, to my understanding) a relatively recent tech development on Tenka, the Goa’uld would never have known about it, so would have no interest in the world, much as Earth was left alone long enough to develop into a mildly credible threat to the System Lords (seriously, we’re on one planet and have no viable space presence for quite some time in SG1 canon, if we hadn’t gotten their attention in a big way by killing off Ra we’d probably not have been discovered to have gotten “to big for our britches” by Goa’uld standards until far later, which is where I think groups like the Tollan came from).

    All combined? Earth and Tenka are the real world equivalents of Bouvet Island. Never heard of it? I hadn’t either until I went looking for somewhere really useless by our modern expectations. It’s basically a 49 km^2 rock nearly entirely covered by a glacier 1700 km north of the Antarctic coast, somewhat in the center of a triangle drawn between Antarctica, South Africa, and South America. It’s uninhabited, inhospitable, and generally ignored by the entire world.

    Could some sort of proto-kabane be the reason Tenka was left abandoned centuries prior? Well, yes, but if reports of that got out Nirrti at the very least would have been extremely interested in the genetic possibilities.

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  2. I personally think Kabane are homegrown. Izanami after all. Maybe Machello got caught in a swarm? Mad scientists usually don’t fare well in zpocs afaik.

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      1. *Bunnies start outlining mad proposal involving time travel*

        Yeah, sleep is good.

        “Oh, wait, the ‘later’ bit is about him buying it in the zpoc, not going back in time to off Izanami.”

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