Track of the Apocalypse Ch5 Ficbit – Distracted

Uryuu waited just long enough for Kajika to catch up, then nodded for the rest of the Hunters to close in. “What do you know about those idiots we pulled out of Keishi?” Uryuu jabbed a thumb toward the front of the Koutetsujou. “I don’t like stuff I can’t talk about. A little too familiar.”

“I want to think they were hiding out under a rock,” Ikoma grumbled. “But the tech they have, what they don’t know about Kabane – they could be telling the truth. And….” He had to pause, and breathe. Because this was painful but also important. “They didn’t seem to notice anything strange about me. Or Mumei.”

Mid-glare, Uryuu’s jaw dropped. “They… what?”

Kajika poked her fellow steamsmith with an exasperated sigh. “What did you do?”

Snuck through a horde, killed the stragglers, had to switch to the fallback plan…. But none of those should have stood out. Much. “Jumped onto the top of the sortie car,” Ikoma said truthfully.

Uryuu gave him a sidelong look. “From how far?”

“Far enough,” Ikoma admitted. “The spur was a lot farther from the track than it looked.”

That got him flat looks from more than Uryuu. “And they didn’t notice?” Eishun’s fingers brushed his scarf, as if he wanted to use it to strangle somebody.

“They didn’t bring it up later,” Ikoma shrugged. And tried very hard not to smirk, though the Hunters might be some of the few people on the hayajiro who would get how funny this was. “They might have been a little distracted. I was dissecting a Kabane.”

A long moment’s silence. Uryuu’s jaw worked, and a snort of laughter escaped.


7 thoughts on “Track of the Apocalypse Ch5 Ficbit – Distracted

  1. A comment that should be here also is that Teal’c managed the jump himself (while similarly burdened) but is not kabaneri either.

    Really hope that pops as making that leap is not normal.

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  2. “they didn’t notice?” “They were distracted” I think we have a competitor for master-of-the-understatement! It sounds like they might have a reason to go back and take a closer look at Tealc though

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    1. Meanwhile, the Koutetsujou crew have decided that Junior rates a “Not Likely To Kill Us” on the weird-o-meter.

      …this may have something to do with the fact that their weirdness monitor was in that car that the first Fused Colony knocked off, and they never did get around to replacing it. Besides, it had already gotten pretty thoroughly smashed during their trip through the mountain tunnels…

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