Track of the Apocalypse Ch5 Ficbit – Space and Time

Escaping Kongokaku there’d been no time to give measured and careful consideration as to where to put the Hunters; not with a shamed mob of Kongokaku to find room for. Those she had taken some minutes to think on, and chosen the fourth car, because she would not let those Kongokaku who’d been a mob closer to either end of the hayajiro. Those of the Koutetsujou who’d been displaced had moved forward or back as they chose – and with that in mind, the last car, away from the locomotive, had seemed the best place for the Hunters. Put known fighters at the end of the hayajiro, where they’d be firing at the hordes as the Koutetsujou raced away. They needed room for their bikes, but… there were only four of those. Not to mention granting the Hunters part of the last car was the easiest way to keep them separate from the Kongokaku and any of Aragane and Yashiro who just couldn’t bear to look at them.

Only now the rain meant people would be forced to travel the entire hayajiro, instead of taking shortcuts over the roofs. Together with the three souls currently in quarantine, this was just going to wind Dogen’s people tighter.

Kibito glanced between his fellow warrior and his lady, and sighed. “Well, if we need Uryuu-”

Steel clanked, above and far back; the rear hatch, echoing down to the controls. Yukina glanced that direction, then resolutely turned back to her work, evidently confident that whatever it was, her steamsmiths and Ayame’s bushi would do their jobs and handle it.

Justified confidence, Ayame was relieved to see; Suzuki came down the stairs next, the steamsmith’s damp blond curls a head above Ikoma’s clipped green, Kajika’s brown, and-

Ayame almost started, then schooled her stance and face into polite welcome. She didn’t know what had brought Uryuu when she needed to talk to him, but that was the Hunter’s pale silver trailing the group.


12 thoughts on “Track of the Apocalypse Ch5 Ficbit – Space and Time

  1. Hmm, over the roofs isn’t shorter, though its probably quicker, without having to squeeze pass the masses of humanity. Certainly keeps the potential for incidents down. Definitely riskier, with the jostling cars, and potential for unwanted “passengers”, before you take wind and weather into account. And being aware of tunnels, and bridges with superstructures above the track bed,

    More chance for synergism coming up, when you can finally get Bushi, Hunters, Steamsmiths, and fairly soon, SG-1, to start talking shop and figure out how to synthesize what everbody brings to the table in terms of anti-Kabane measures.

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    1. Going though car would be preferable so long as that car wasn’t full of Kongokaku. With them inside, people rather risk roofwalking. Shows how much they like their passengers…
      I’m waiting for mob to happen.

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  2. Yeah, in light of current situation, fact that Kongokaku are in the middle… No one want to go though a mob of potentially suicial idiots. But apparently, Kajika convinced Uryuu of exactly that. *G*

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    1. As Kurusu noted shortly after SG-1 came aboard, walking on the roof of the fourth car is considered preferable to going through the fourth car, since the former means they don’t have to deal with the car’s occupants.

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  3. I feel for Ayame, but the fourth car is probably still the best place for the idiots. Can’t move them forward without risking some moron deciding to screw with the engine and if she’d tried to put them in the last car – or tries to move them there now – there will be a riot, because some panicky idiot will accuse them of sticking them back there so they can uncouple their car and leave them there. I think the best solution is still to grit their teeth and move any “undesirables” in a group with armed bushi. That will at least deter the wannabe tough guys from picking on a “weak link”. At least if there’s any funny business they have them surrounded!

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  4. Is it bad that the first thing I thought of was Dialga and Palkia?

    There is probably going to be a fight soon isn’t there? All it needs in a push in the right direction and the power keg of ‘Too many people in one place’ is going to go off.

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      1. Hmmm. So many possible detonation sources. Kongokaku finding out about the Kabaneri, some idiot Kongokaku getting it in their head that everything they picked up in Keishi(including SG-1) is cursed and so must be thrown from the hayajiro before everyone aboard spontaneously drops dead… Though my personal wager is on that Hidemi guy turning, being put down, and the Kongokaku refusing to believe one of theirs could have gotten infected and so start spouting off about Hidemi being murdered for some nonsensical reason.

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  5. Well, considering the obvious physical transformation that takes place when “Turning”, Probably, more like, “all you impure Non-Kongokakuians must have infected him, and the Hayajiro must be cleansed” to save the Righteous.

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