Earring Tales: Turquoise Gold

So I got some pretty new matte and color-lined teal-ish beads….

Turquoise Gold9

Yes, I know, “so I just got” shows up a lot. 🙂 But new colors! Must play with! Shiny!

(Never underestimate the power of Shiny when the rest of the world seems determined to come down on top of you like the sky on Atlas.)

I think these came out nicely. Not outrageously different, no – but a good solid color combo someone could wear just about anywhere. 🙂

Turquoise Gold earrings.


6 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Turquoise Gold

  1. I never did understand why Turquoise wasn’t better liked (or Garnet, for that matter). Sure, Diamonds are more famous, and everyone knows Ruby and Emerald and even Sapphire, but so many gems and semi-precious stones that are arguably more interesting and pretty are almost ignored.

    Also yes, power of shiny indeed. There’s a reason I don’t go to the stained glass shop more frequently.

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    1. Turquoise has a tendency to be affected adversely by all.sorts of things: skin oils, perfume, direct sunlight, airtight boxes, etc. Also, the mines do not last that long (in many places), and the veins are weird and inconvenient.

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