Track of the Apocalypse Ch5 Ficbit – Deductions

Ikoma was holding up his hands, riverstone glinting blue-green from one palm. “Wait, wait – our world? Stargate? What are you talking about?”

Kibito cleared his throat. “This is going to sound a little crazy….”

“I would consider it insane, if not for the evidence.” Kurusu glanced at Suzuki. “We will want you to speak to O’Neill’s people at some point. They seem to recognize Albion’s writing, yet not your birth nation on the world map. Or Hi-no-Moto itself.”

Suzuki started. “Don’t know where they are?

Kurusu’s mouth twitched. “It would seem not.” He paused, one heartbeat long. “Ikoma can tell you, they asked when we would come to a place free of Kabane.”

“Which just proves they were maybe on an island that got lucky,” Ikoma put in, as Suzuki sputtered. “What evidence?”

“Besides the creature Teal’c carries within, which is nothing like anything even Hozumi has seen before?” Ayame had to smile. “I think the best evidence is that they knew nothing of Kabane – and yet they somehow managed to arrive in Keishi in the first place.”

Ikoma held up one finger, as if he wanted to contradict that could even be possible-

Subsided, muttering under his breath as he went through and discarded options. Ayame caught near-landlocked, river might have kept them off but you couldn’t miss seeing Kabane, O’Neill’s team has binoculars….

Two minutes, and the steamsmith looked up again, mouth pursed like he’d bitten a lemon. “All right. They got there somehow, there’s no way we could have done it-”

“And whatever they used to pull it off, it’s not with them, or they’d have tried to bolt already,” Uryuu agreed. “So what’s their story, Princess?”


7 thoughts on “Track of the Apocalypse Ch5 Ficbit – Deductions

  1. If SG1 wasn’t nearly as competent, Kurusu might think that they were crazy anyway.

    Although they’d probably have died before getting rescued, if they were Atlantis/Universe tier incompetent/dysfunctional rather than SG1 capable.

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  2. Know what would be ironic? if at some point after this, SG1 gets to a world that has a zombie apocalypse of the classic variety (that drops if shot in brain), and waste time trying to shoot at their hearts, with no results…

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    1. I have these bunnies that are simply awful for me to deal with. Forex, my main ‘WIP’ seems to require more organization than I have ever managed in order to finish doing the plotting. And my RL job seems like it is going to need more organization from me than what I know I can scrape up. I have an entirely different mess of a fiction project whose bunnies just said: “While the Girl Genius zombies should die to bullets fine, the drowned of Embers should be a bit more difficult.”

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      1. The pop-culture ur-undead are probably the skeleton warriors from Jason and the Argonauts (1963). In that one, the skeletons are grown from the teeth of a slain hydra and (IIRC) the blessing of a pissed deity, and they go through Jason’s party like a chainsaw. In TSR-era terms they’d be 4-6 HD, in Hasbro-era terms they’d be more like 15 HD/CR/EL critters.

        In a current WiP, I reinvented the one HD skeleton by copying Breath of the Wild: A ‘bonewight’ is an angry ghost that can reanimate a skeleton if it’s not exhausted from already having done so recently, but a solid hit will disrupt the skeleton’s animating magic. A ‘skullwight’ is a stronger version of a bonewight, by virtue of using its skull as a focus, allowing it to both get back up quickly and empowering nearby bonewights to do the same. (Smash the skull and it becomes a bonewight.)

        Essentially, they’re ‘naturally’ occurring undead, one of the possible results of spirits refusing to accept an untimely passing. I’m planning to have the Japanese Odokuro, the giant skeleton from the bodies of the unburied dead-in-battle-or-starvation, be an example of natural undead on a mass scale.

        A proper mortifexer can make undead that are a _lot_ more dangerous, particularly if he (or she) knows enough necromancy to catch the souls of the departing and bind them to a much more aware and therefore tormented unlife, but that’s magic that has to be studied rather than being a natural occurrence.



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