Track of the Apocalypse Ch5 Ficbit – Preparations

“Stay calm,” Kurusu advised. “The hayajiro’s armor should be heavy enough to protect us from the worst gusts, so long as we keep our speed low. Though the rear car is lighter… Ikoma. You and Hozumi trade off watch on the quarantined tonight.”

The Kabaneri thought about that, and nodded. “Tornadoes?”

“It’s possible.”

Ayame hid a frown. Why would the chance of tornadoes mean their two Kabaneri would need to stay up all night – oh. “You think the armor is light enough that we might have to shed the rear car?”

Kurusu inclined his head.

“We weighed it down with all the freight we could, but it’s no match for layered steel,” Kibito agreed. “If we get a high gust, that car’s likely to go over first. And if it does that while it’s still latched on….”

Ayame pictured it, one car twisting and pulling the whole Koutetsujou over. Disaster. And not long after that, death, when the inevitable horde found them. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Yukina wince.

“Then we must be prepared to abandon the rear car,” Ayame said steadily, “and we will not leave our own to die if they only might be infected.”

Which was why Kurusu wanted the Kabaneri on watch, she knew. Not only did they have the strength to help break the connections by main force, if worse came to worst. But if those in quarantine had to come back to even the Hunter’s car – better to have those who could detect a Kabane right there. Before anyone panicked further.


11 thoughts on “Track of the Apocalypse Ch5 Ficbit – Preparations

  1. Sort of appropos, posting bits about a rising storm… When there is a storm on the rise…

    If they’re weighting the car down with extra cargo to try to make it more stable, they’re running the risk of losing the extra they packed in, if they did have to jettison it…

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  2. I’m not sure the Hayajiro would survive a tornado, armor or no.
    Even if it’s heavy enough not to be picked up, it only needs to be slightly derailed for a disaster while moving.

    Then there is always the possibility of having a tree flung into the train.

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      1. Well seeing as the only things to derail a Hayajiro so far are; Kabane running into a station, lots of Kabane running into the Hayajiro, a half Kabane whilst on the serum, a hoard of Kabane, the Hayajiro running too fast from Kabane (almost)… You know, I think there’s a bit of a theme there?

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      2. A kabane fused colony?

        … wait. This is Vathara. Something worse than a kabane fused colony blowing straight into the side of the hayajiro in the middle of a monsoon flooding the tracks.

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  3. It’d be a shame to lose all that cargo and cargo space.

    I’m a little bit dreading what happens, and a little eager to see it happen.


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