Track of the Apocalypse Ch5 up on AO3

Track of the Apocalypse Chapter 5, “We’re Where?”, is now up on Archive of Our Own.

Chapter 6 is currently roughed but needs some script fleshed out and serious polishing. It’s been… very rough weeks, RL-wise, and sometimes the chapter has been written 100 words a night. So. Might take a while to get really going on chapter 7, but I do have a Plan. 🙂


22 thoughts on “Track of the Apocalypse Ch5 up on AO3

  1. Yay, more Uryuu! 😄

    Belated question, how do you pronounce Keishi? When I’m alone I often read dialogue out-loud but I keep stumbling on that name which is annoying.

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    1. Assuming a vaguely Japanese pronunciation it would be something along the lines of: keh-ee-shi. Written in whatever equivalent of hiragana they have it would be spelled Ke-i-shi. Each syllable is a separate letter in the Japanese alphabet equivalent, and each letter is pronounced roughly the same in every word. Unless of course there’s a modifier involved.

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      1. In the case of a term like “kei,” where the “eh” and “ee” vowels are part of a single part of a phrase (usually represented in Japanese by being the pronunciation of a single kanji, yay mixed writing systems), then following an “eh” vowel with the character for “ee” actually indicates an extended “eh” – meaning that the “eh” sound is held a beat longer than normal. So since Keishi would parse in Japanese to “kei-shi”, the pronunciation would be “Keeh-shi.”

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  2. Delightful 🙂 It’s going to be interesting when the other penny drops and the people of the Hayajiro twig to /SG-1 suspects the Goau’ld /created/ the Kabane. And even have a suspect in mind!/

    Other things of note, as the child of a gunsmith:

    Smokeless powder /by itself/ is a revolution. It burns cleaner, faster and fouls the bore less than gunpowder and not by a little bit. Higher muzzle velocities and better quality control, and less in the field misfires are all a consequence of this – and the hunters, once they realize that are going to /want/.

    Pity the methods of learning to make it aren’t exactly straightforward. The evolution from black powder to what we concider modern smokeless powder now had several intermediate steps…

    …one of the earliest of which was Nitroglycerin cut with something less explosive. The next one after that was Guncotton which is a /slightly/ more stable variation on that same theme. Neither are nearly as stable or safe as black powder.

    Interestingly enough the one person on that team I expect to -know- this kind of story is Jack. He’s not usually the guy who gets asked for engineering details, but as a career handler of firearms, he most likely does know this one.

    As a further note: one thing Jack and Sam at least are going to be well aware – we /have/ guns that can very definitely deal with the Kabane. Our light military forces don’t carry many of them (Basically only as antivehicular ordinance) because they are not entirely man portable, or otherwise highly inconvenient (excssive recoil, high weight etc), but current military technology includes guns that exceed the power of anything seen in Kabanrei by multiple orders of magnitude; We don’t carry them for infantry because we don’t /need/ them – they are not particularly more effective against normal humans than much lighter guns.

    This is..easy to parse once the hunters sit down and think about it. The implications are worrying to them, however: SG-1’s guns are ment for shooting /other humans/, not Kabane.

    It’s been a while since that world has seen human vs human war, of course. But I’m quite sure at least some people remember it.

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    1. I should point out that Guncotton’s reputation for not being stable/safe is a bit of a misearned one. Most explosives when handled improperly are unsafe. Guncotton is one of the few that can be made non-explosive for storage, and then made explosive for use (while this is a rough rule of thumb, if it’s stored loosely, it’s merely a fire hazard, and not even as bad a fire hazard as oily rags. it’s only when packed tight that it’s an explosive). Where the reputation comes in, is that too often those using it tried to save critical time (and storage space) by packing it tightly before it was needed… and then it was an explosion hazard. Many of the cases of it exploding in storage were later proven to have been cases where either the crews had decided that when stored loosely they couldn’t carry enough of it, or that they’d decided it took too long to pack it during battle, so they packed it tight in storage contrary to regs. It’s actually safer than and more stable than black powder when stored properly.

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  3. Luck to all of you in the storm’s path. I’m sure the news we get here is a bit hysteric, but it does look bad. I’d rather take earthquakes every few decades.

    And don’t worry about real life taking time, I completely understand and will just hope life stops kicking you in the stomach soon. Also, is Tell No Tales supposed to be an amazon exclusive?

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    1. Er, not sure what you mean by Amazon exclusive? I write indy, started publishing through CreateSpace and so moved to Amazon when the ‘zon took that company over. So, technically, yes, my books only come through Amazon. (Unless you want a signed copy, then I sell ’em on eBay.)

      …Trust me, none of the NYC publishers wanted to touch A Net of Dawn and Bones with a ten-meter cattle prod. Protagonists who actually believed in their faith? Definite good and evil? Vampires who weren’t just “misunderstood”? Nope. They were Not Interested.

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      1. Oh, no, can’t have that in the world today… grah.

        So glad you did get those published though, V. Been buying them (several in both physical and e-format) and I’ve quite enjoyed your books.

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      2. Don’t forget no teenage romance. No fawning over their “destined” one. Yuck…
        I wish there were more storied like yours. Because I want to read fantasy, not some teenage flick where most story rotates about when Rosy finally choses Dan as her boyfriend, even though Jack has nice abs. 😑 But every time I go to the store, that’s only thing there. In hundreds variations. Dunno what are publishers doing. Little diversity would help.

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  4. More that I’ve been picking up your books from Barnes and Noble, finally got some free cash(my life has been doing it’s own version of kicking me in the stomach.), tried to pick up Tell and they aren’t selling it. I try not to buy from Amazon if I can at all avoid it(Seriously, after the fifth time they completely screwed up my order, I got the point), so was curious if something changed.

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    1. Three possibilities.

      One is that B&N has been acquired by the folks who turned Waterstones around. It’s not clear they can save B&N, and if the issue is on their side, it could be the new management, or it could be preexisting terminal company disorder.

      Other party is Amazon, which is a large organization. It is very much unclear if certain omens and portents are early evidence of failure modes or not.

      Third, if Tell No Tales is smaller, it may not have passed a size threshold in an Amazon/B&N deal. Presuming it falls under the same deal as the previous books. The recent bureaucratic changes could well have come with contract renegotiation, and there are many reasons why the same terms might not have been reached.

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  5. Welp if there’s one thing the air force has designed down pat (and jack – pilot, sam – probably pilot – would have been trained to use and maintain and could draw a passable diagram of) are cockpit-controlled movable guns on anything that could fly, float or be driven on land. Perfectly achievable on Keishi because it’s a system of mirrors – nothing electronic about it. And dome turrets. Woohoo.

    That sapphire glass thing would even handier on dome turrets.

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