Track of the Apocalypse Ch 6 up on AO3

Chapter 6 of Track of the Apocalypse, “A Little Rain Must Fall“, is now up on Archive of Our Own.

Note it’s going to take me some time to start posting chapter 7 bits – so far the chapter is almost all action scenes.

Which are slow to write.

And RL has continued to be hairy to the point of sometimes only getting 100 words of fic a night. Augh.

So. Working on it, but I want most of the chapter done before I start posting bits!


19 thoughts on “Track of the Apocalypse Ch 6 up on AO3

  1. Well, I just went to look at the chapter, and it comes up with the “this may have adult content” warning. I assume it’s for the violence, considering the source settings and the author, but it was still a surprising warning to see for a Vathara story.

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  2. Wonderful, wonderful, very well done.

    Probably had been; the locals struck him as no dummies. What worried him was, the tracks had been built before Sudden Zombie Apocalypse. Maybe he didn’t know much about trains, beyond Wild West movies and studies of World War logistics, but tracks needed maintenance. If the Kabane were really everywhere….

    Couple other places an Air force career or his career might have come across trains. He’s a fighter pilot, not a bomber, but the bomber folks do study destroying train tracks. Might have avoided that with his /fighter/ piloting, and with his security work taking him away from needing to be prepared to command over bombing operations. Secondly, special forces explosives experts do cut tracks, and he was in Germany during the Cold War. Still, it is telling his perspective, and the logistics studies may have been seemed a lot more to him.

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    1. Even then, he could also be pointing out that there’s significant differences even when there’s some overlap. His special forces experience would be “this is how to blast the tracks for most thorough destruction, when you’re told where the tracks need destroyed”, his logistics studies training would be “here’s where destroyed tracks would cause the most disruption of national logistics”, and both would have some overlap with “the terrain here makes destruction of the tracks troublesome to deal with”, but aren’t really focused on it. What he’s wondering about right now, tho, is that last one (and some related ones). So he should know some of it, but just enough to know that he doesn’t actually know what he doesn’t know.

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  3. As soon as I saw this post, I knew it would be a good Monday. 🙂 And the chapter did not disappoint. Thanks!

    (Also, prayers and theoretical chocolates for life and action sequences. The latter are doozies.)

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  4. /Jack blinked. Stared into the dark and rain. That was… not all dark. There were lights, slowly heading closer. Tiny, amber lights./
    /so far the chapter is almost all action scenes./
    I think I found an appropriate AMV for the upcoming chapter.
    The Attack of the Dead Men – Koutetsujou no Kabaneri

    This is going to be pure hell for everybody. They need to hold the line against the Kabane so SG1 can plant the explosives. Downside is A: they have limited ammo, and B: the longer they fight, the more Kabane will be drawn to the location.b The weather certainty isn’t going to help either.

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