22 thoughts on “Family Stuff In-Progress

      1. Fortunately not that. But it’s very frustrating when I tell people, “yes, X, Y and Z,” and their reaction is, “Oh no, we have everything under control, that’s not going to happen….”

        A few hours later: “X, Y and Z happened!”

        me: *Facepalm* I tried to tell you….


  1. If you can, take some me time. At least, that’s what my mother kept telling me when we were struggling with getting her into assisted living. It helped, the times I could actually get some.

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  2. Ouch, regarding the “we’ve never seen this happen” being a bad thing to hear from a doc. May your issue resolve itself as well as my “I’ve never heard of this outside of a textbook…” issue. (Months of testing, turns out I’m a medical zebra. Sodium deficiency coupled with hereditary low blood pressure. I don’t retain sodium properly, apparently. First time the doc had ever had to tell someone to use MORE salt…. May your family issue be as easily solved!)

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    1. Oddly enough I also need to add salt to my diet. In part because I just don’t eat much processed foods, due to allergies. I don’t have the same exact problem, but I have a different problem that means not enough electrolytes = Bad Things Happen. So, yes, salt shaker is on my table and I actually carry salt on me. Just in case.


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