13 thoughts on “Still Working On It

      1. I looked and a third omnibus came out in September of last year! Since I have the first two, obvs I need to buy this one as well.

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  1. Decided to rewatch SG1, it’s been a while, plus I got the family-friendly version of the first couple of episodes. (Skipped episode 4, because who needs to see ‘Carter confronts Mongolian sexism’ more than once in a lifetime?)

    Episode 5. O’Neil was the only Touched to remain any kind of coherent. Heck, maybe it took getting tranked to get over the initial freakout of becoming a caveman, but after that point he had enough self-control that Janet wasn’t afraid to get within arm’s length of him, while he _wasn’t_ heavily restrained.

    Jack’s deliberately a smartass, but his self-control is higher than any other baseline human at Stargate Command.


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    1. Of course, keeping to the normal routine is the most helpful, but I think that option is out.

      Oh, and giving the dog laundry to sleep with, or putting him in smell distance of the laundry basket containing missing human’s smell.

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