Track of the Apocalypse Ch7 Ficbit – Teeth

Teeth found his arm, and Ikoma snarled, twisting to tear loose. Damn it, damn it, trying to fight when he knew there were outsiders watching-!

“Ikoma!” A shot rang out, picking off the Kabane most directly between him and the Koutetsujou. “Fight!”


And he wasn’t hearing the offworld weapons anymore.

Live now, Kurusu can threaten them all later

It was such a terrifying relief, striking out with his full strength. Fangs shattered. Bones broke. At least one gray neck snapped.

…Not that that would kill a Kabane, but damn it, not having working eyes at least slowed it down.

He wasn’t up to Hozumi’s grasshopper leaps, but the Koutetsujou was so close. Two bounds and a dash, one-

The jarring must have knocked something loose. Hozumi coughed, warm water splashing over his shoulder. Wheezed, lungs heaving.

Breathing. Good.

One bitten hand found the ladder-

Slipped, blood slick on his fingers, as howling bodies tried to tear him down.


Letting Hozumi’s gun drop and dangle, he pulled the piercing gun.


6 thoughts on “Track of the Apocalypse Ch7 Ficbit – Teeth

  1. Well, those two are going to make quite the sight once they get back into the train.

    Then Team Kotetsujo having to keep SG-1 from executing the doctrine they’d just so recently been advised on…

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Eeee! I’m all caught up! 😀
    For added tension, wait for about a dozen updates (since No Pressure) and then read it all in one go. Holy Crap. What a ride.

    When this chapter goes up, it’s going to be epic. Well done!

    Love the details too – the note about mines and finger holes from Jack to the maintenance issues and superhuman strength handicaps from Ikoma. It’s going to be a relief when this storm (natural and social) clears up and they get out from under the pressure so they can talk.

    Looking forward to the science/demolition tutorials that will be happening soon.

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