Earring Tales: Aspen Weaves

And this one didn’t come out as good, drat.

Aspen Weaves4

I think the colors are just too close together. That subtlety can work in a large design, but in something as small as an earring, it’s not as effective.

If I tried something like this again, I’d probably go with a darker edge/line color for more contrast.

Aspen Weaves earrings.


7 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Aspen Weaves

  1. Yeah, I think you need something to contrast. Maybe a brown with hints of yellow? I guess you could go orange too, but a golden brown I feel like would be more in the family of the original color palette.

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  2. Since PM’s don’t exist on Ao3… Here’s a fic rec that I’d thought you’d like.

    Cheating at Pai Sho

    Summary: “You said you were the Avatar!” “…I lied?” Aang doesn’t get rescued from Zuko’s ship, and no one’s seen him go glowy yet… so he starts bluffing. Hard. Or: “The Avatar joins Zuko’s quest to find the Avatar.” In which Zuko doesn’t join the Gaang, the Gaang joins Zuko.

    It’s pretty hilarious with a great take on Zuko’s crew too. The rest of the stuff by the author is great as well.

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