Not a Princess Ficbit – Blatant Lies

“Any more questions, ma’am? Will’s going to be wondering if I made it down the stairs after all.”

Which was a blatant lie, and Sharl knew Hank knew it. Her father could hear one boy sneak out of a crowded bed at midnight, he’d know Hank had managed the stairs.

But the way Mrs. Dowd didn’t quite turn pale, she didn’t know it. “Ah, no,” the shopkeeper allowed grudgingly. “I was just doing my charitable duty as one of the leading citizens of the town. Now that you’re awake… I’m sure you’ll be moving on soon.”

The swish of her skirts out the front door was almost too fast to be decent.

Mark heaved a sigh of relief, and dashed toward the back door. “I’ll go tell Father you’re okay!”

“Now there’s a youngster who knows how to make a strategic retreat,” Dr. Adams observed. Shook his head, and turned a suspiciously bland look on Hank. “I notice you didn’t bother our fine Mrs. Dowd with the exact unit you were in.”

The sergeant-major didn’t quite grimace. “Would it make a difference?”

“I’d like to say it wouldn’t, but I try not to lie to my patients.” Dr. Adams gave him a sidelong long. “I’d better tell Will to think twice before he drags you to another doctor. Anyone who gets a good look at how you heal is going to know something’s up.”

For a moment, Hank looked uncertain. “Does it bother you?”

“Oh Heavens, no. Hole in you I could put my fist into, should’ve been infected six ways to Sunday, and you woke up alive. Whatever you Incarnates have, I wish I could give a little to all my patients.” Dr. Adams squinted at him. “Well, maybe not the scales and the fire-breathing part. Though from what Will’s told me, you don’t have those.”


11 thoughts on “Not a Princess Ficbit – Blatant Lies

  1. It would be interesting to see a trans-humanism story with a fantasy bent.

    “I have werewolf essence to boost my healing.”

    “I like wearing silver jewelry, so I went for troll myself.”

    “I like cola too much to put up with the vulnerability to acid. What did you get for vision enhancement?”

    “Griffin. It’s not the best vision package, but it came with claws that work well with the troll strength.”

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      1. Hm. There’d be the biological shock of inducing biological chimerism, then the arcane load of handling the magic your birth body wasn’t evolved for . . . and then there’s the interactions that can pop up any time you want a new enhancement. Which will be slightly different for everyone due to how complicated bio is.

        In other words, you’ve got the perfect excuse for ‘suboptimal’ (i.e. authorial whimsy) mixes: Getting to use all the ‘best’ enhancements without lethal interactions is like winning the lottery ten times in a row.


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      2. Had a thought: Are these ‘drow’ dark elves? Because they might not mind the loss of a thousand slaves to ‘might pull through, might not’ risky interactions if they get a single high-performing slave out of it.

        Although, of course, this means that the conditioning on the slave had better be pretty damn strong, if it happens to get enhancement combos that the drow dare not try on themselves.

        And then there’s the crazy house that puts all their children through it, where only 5% survive/thrive but the lucky few end up extremely capable. (The first generation that did this may have usurped leadership of the house shortly thereafter, though, which possibility makes it a risky proposition to attempt in the first place.) Although given the need for tons of children and the matriarchal structure of drow, said crazy house might have looked into surrogate mothers, so that the house leaders aren’t inconvenienced by the need to birth enough children to let them get away with 95% attrition.

        . . .

        Once they can check for bad interactions before actually implementing them, survival rates might go back up, but if politics are the usual drow cutthroat, there might well be ‘you must be this transelven to qualify’ standard for house leadership or other offices of authority.

        Driders become those drow who tried to go the distance with arachnid-themed enhancements but failed along the way.


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  2. At least Hank’s got one person there he can trust besides the Bancrofts. Lucky him it’s the doctor; if there’s one occupation you really want on your side, it’s the medical. I’d sooner tick off a career soldier than a guy who knows exactly how best to use scalpels…

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    1. Somewhere on the Internet, there’s an old essay about why you never (fictionally) torque off a pathologist, and about the many uses of a “bread knife.” It was already old when the X-Files came out.

      Basically, this pathologist kept trying to get some mystery or thriller show to let a pathologist bring a knife to a morgue fight. Pour encourager les autres.

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  3. Dont think the Doc would think so, if he were to learn the inconimg madness predicted for the Incarnates, or the possibility of getting stuck in monster form, or any other side effects that would only manifest after many years…

    No, im not a fan of transhumanism…

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