Not a Princess Ficbit – Meddling

“Thanks,” Hank said quietly. “I guess stubborn runs in the family. Let’s go show your fosters Mrs. Dowd didn’t eat me.” A dark brow lifted. “Who is she, anyway?”

Sharl sighed. “She and her husband run the dry goods mercantile-”

“Ha!” Dr. Adams erupted. “She runs it. He just works there.” He rolled his eyes. “I don’t have anything against women doing honest work, but she pushes it right to the line.”

“She’s the only place to get some of the supplies we need.” Sharl bit her lip. “And she’s afraid of Father.”

“Quartermaster problems,” Hank muttered. “I thought I’d be out of those after the Army…. And she came here anyway? She must be braver than she looks.”

Sharl lifted her head. “She is. She’s just – wrong.”

Dr. Adams blinked, looking between them. “Well, glory be. No wonder Will… oh, never mind,” he shrugged off their curious looks. “Never mind, I’m an old meddler, ask anyone.” He waved his hands like shooing chickens. “Go on, go on! I want to check up on Will too.”

Well of course he did, Dr. Adams was a good doctor. He knew Father was still himself. Now if she could just convince the rest of the town!

But that would come later. Right now, she’d better be ready to brace the Captain against the coming mini-assault.

A/N: The doc knows Will well enough to realize our dragon may have had multiple reasons for dragging this man home. One of them being 16 and single, with Opinions that aren’t all that popular with town….


11 thoughts on “Not a Princess Ficbit – Meddling

  1. Heh, much as people today would scream and clutch their pearls, in the time period this is in, that would be an eminently practical match. An honorable soldier, well established and distinguished in the war and presumably with a pension, matched to the daughter of an old war buddy. He might be a little young, but the pension would balance it out.

    My dad is quite fond of pointing out that in my grandmother’s time, there was at least one romance novel that stated outright, never marry a man of your own generation. He brings it up as a discussion of societal mores and how they’ve changed. And now that I think of it, the drive behind the sentiment is still very much the same today. Become established and have a steady environment before starting a family/ having kids. It even makes sense to marry younger women, both because of more years for childbearing and having more energy to chase after the kids. Huh. Interesting. Gonna have to share that with him later.

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    1. Which also explains Mrs. Dowd’s concerns.
      No papers, no discharge, was he an “honorable” soldier or was he running around committing war crimes?
      Are the military police going to come looking for him?

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      1. / (Liza is not just a pretty face, and has been running down leads!) /
        And she is not going to be a happy bunny when she finally tracks them down. All the time and effort spent, favors burned etc etc.

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  2. I wonder, if the government is now panicking, over the Incarnates about to go crazy and homicidal, while scattered across the nation, and without a competent agent to do what Hank did in canon, while he recuperates here.

    Also, wonder if other incarnates will see what the doc sees.

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    1. Dunno about that. After all, they got memo of Incarnates maybe going mad from Hank. And then from actual report of wrongdoings from said Incarnates, but I think that came out much later. Given Hank is with MIA… It’s possible the government doesn’t have clue how big their problem is, or will be.

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