A Few Short LN Reccs

Yesterday was long and annoying and I barely pulled in wordcount. As in went over by just about 10 words or so and had to call it quits because it was so late brain went “ker-thunk, abort, shutdown….”

So for today you get a few brief light novel reccs, because sometimes the manga and the LNs are the only thing keeping me sane.

The Werewolf Count and the Trickster Tailor.

Fluffy, light fantasy setting; ruins and artifacts, but no monsters outside the werewolves. Worldbuilding feels a bit thin. And I suspect I’m not the only one who would get a bit uneasy at how the count tends to invade personal space. Sure, it’s a romance, but still. Overall, though, it’s a nice light read to cheer you up.

Why Shouldn’t a Detestable Demon Lord Fall in Love?

Here’s a guy who’s grateful to be yanked away to another world – because all he wants is a nice quiet family life, but he followed the advice of his (apparently demonic warlord) father on how to get it… and ended up the most powerful demon lord in the world, hated and feared, and all these hero groups keep attacking and messing up his gardens. So when a helpless woman activates an ancient artifact to summon a “monster” to protect herself-

New world, tiny people depending on him, a chance to start over without trying not to kill random heroes out to burn down his cabin. What’s not to like?

Also fluffy, and sometimes enough sugar between the couple to put you in a diabetic coma. But more solid worldbuilding than the Werewolf Count, and I hope there’s a sequel.

An Archdemon’s Dilemma: How to Love Your Elf Bride.

I have through the third volume so far and intend to get more. One of the most interesting aspects of this setting is that sorcerers are not squishy wizards. In fact, “sorcerer” and “incredibly dangerous in combat” are pretty much synonymous. And if you attack an Archdemon – which is a sorcerer’s title, not a demonic rank – you can pretty much expect to die….

Romantic comedy with action. Not fluff, though there are fluffy moments. More Adorkable. Imagine someone who’s fought all their life to gain more power so they’ll never be beaten down again… who falls in love at first sight. And has absolutely no social skills to tell her that. Or even the life experience to realize that’s what’s happened to him.

Oh, and he has to keep dodging various magical and monster attacks on top of that, because there are people dumb enough to take on an Archdemon….

NaNo wordcount as of last night: 36.5 K.


13 thoughts on “A Few Short LN Reccs

  1. If we talk about reccs, there is a manga series called ‘Beasters’, I would like to suggest. it’s about anthropomorphic animals living as people in normal society-and focuses on a society shared by Herbivores and Carnivores, with the later having greater physical ability, strength speed, teeth and claws, then the former, and need to always be careful not to harm their fellow beasts, and to NOT go to eat meat.

    something that is an issue- as the desire is everpesent and constant, and when prey is too close, can be very difficult to resist.

    it plays on the dichotomy of ‘friend or food? or both?’
    at the start of it, a Llama student in the school, who is in the drama club was devoured-a carnivore killed him. And the first suspect is Legosi, the grey wolf student in that club. the manga is interesting, mixing adventure, slice of life, and mystery.

    I will say that there are quite a few unexpected twists. and that its not as grewsome as one may think, so no need to fear horrible dismemberment scenes or anything of the sort-it fades to black and skips them.

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    1. I love me some Beastars – the anime is super interesting, done by the Land of the Lustrous guys who are THE name in 3d anime these days. The thing gets enormous mileage out of its predator/prey theme, using it for everything from relationships to societal pressures like classism and racism to drug use without any of them feeling very forced. But it’s also really awkward to try and tell people about, and not just because the rabbit, hm, ‘owns her sexuality’ is the nice way to put it.

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  2. “The Combat Baker and the Automaton Waitress” seems to be in a similar vein, but I’m only a few chapters in so far. Steampunky post-WWIish setting, where a retired Scary Face Solider who just wants to be a baker and feed people, suddenly gets a waitress who appears out of nowhere, charms everyone, and is strangely devoted to him even though they’ve never met before.

    Not-a-spoiler: the waitress is actually the AI from his old Bolo-esque Giant Steampunk Robot, transplanted into a gynoid body. How this happened is… unclear. What is clear is that she’s a sweet girl, but just a *bit* yandere, mostly due to not yet learning the “grey areas” of human interactions.

    The will-they/won’t-they centers around how neither of them realize what they’re feeling for the other, and the fact that she’s not *telling* him that she’s his old battlebot AI (because her embodiment is, apparently supposed to be impossible).

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  3. Yay! I bought the first/only volume of all three of those because they looked so promising, I’m overjoyed to hear they actually live up to the potential! Unlike How Not To Summon A Demon Lord, which had a good premise – socially awkward – but contains a ton of eww.

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    1. In case you want reccs, I’m a big fan of the Devil Is A Part-Timer novels – there’s more worldbuilding.

      In manga, Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle is fantastic! It’s a fantastic subversion of captive princess stuff. There’s a later chapter where the plot hinges on her being faceblind – she recognizes the demons around her by their clothes and other characteristics and has very little idea who anybody is when they all dress different.

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  4. Sympathy on the long and annoying day. Hopefully the next ones will be less annoying, at least.

    I doubt this would help anyone’s bunnies, since it’s completely different… but I recommend the anime Haikyu!!.

    It’s a sports anime, about boys’ high school volleyball, but unlike any other sports anime I’ve seen, the characters actually act like real (decent) people, each character has a character and the skill/ potential/ work-ethic to be where he’s put on the team, and the show depicts proper sportsmanship and good manners in and around the game.

    Watching it reminds me of all the good parts of playing a sport in high school, and it’s obvious that the author did research, rather than just using the sport as set-dressing.

    Low-stakes conflict and depictions of reasonable human interactions … are kind of relaxing to watch.

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  5. Stuff I read recently/am reading. Infinite Dendrogram because of Seerking on FFN. Reincarnated As a Sword because of Dyslexic Writer on FFN. 86. 86 is mil sci fi, might not be great mil sci fi, and with a few different design choices would be entirely grimdark.

    So I have no real recs. I have nothing intelligent to say. (How is that different from usual? 🙂 )

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  6. I found An Archdemon’s Dilemna, and I’m already snickering before the auction is over! There’s going to be SO MANY miscommunication issues, I can’t wait! Thanks for the rec!

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  7. Just started poking the collective series but ‘Ascendance of a Bookworm’ has been recommended by people.

    It’s been compared to Spice and Wolf and is a very low-powered isekai. In that the MC (a rabid bookworm of any and all literature) gets killed by an avalanche of her own beloved books (hello irony) and wakes up in the body of a stunted (people apparently can mistake her for three) sickly five year old peasant girl.

    No real powers from the rebirth (magic seems to be rather rare) just her extremely extensive knowledge on a vast number of subjects. And more horrifying to the MC, not a single book to be found since like a similar IRL time period, books are handwritten and reserved for the nobility. Also the designs have been rather realistic to what a family of her new economic level (mother is a seamstress and father a city guard) has and doesn’t have.

    And finally based on the reviews she will start a minor tech revolution….all for the purpose of eventually making books. Because if she can’t read a book now, she’ll make the technology to make books, make (at least one, preferably more) books and then read said books.

    You might have noticed that this MC has a certain character quirk. Just this slight obsession, barely anything at all.


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