Sweet Sunlight

It took a lot of shots to get lucky enough that the lantana and the honeybee were still just long enough.


I wouldn’t have thought honeybees would like lantana. It’s not exactly healthy for humans to chew on. Makes me wonder a little about local honey, sometimes….

NaNo wordcount as of last night: Over 40 K.


6 thoughts on “Sweet Sunlight

  1. It’s a lovely picture, and I’m glad your NaNoWriMo is going well, but I had to sit on my reflexive “lantana is the Actual Worst” response, because I’m Australian, and that stuff just swallows up bushland.

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      1. Yeah, it’s clearly not such a problem over in the USA, but absolutely nothing in Oz eats the stuff, and if you leave even a splinter it grows back. Ornamental hedge my left foot!

        Coupled with the fact that any dead lantana turns into a nightmare maze of thorny, flammable branches, the whole thing feels like someone very unpleasant is laughing at the whole situation.

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  2. Lantana honey is considered tasty and desirable by a lot of beekeepers. Since lantana keeps blooming in the summer when other plants die, and since it is a little drought-resistant, it gets used in certain areas as a honey source. The honey does not include any toxins.

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