Short NaNoWriMo Post: Auuuugh

Yesterday was busy. Incredibly busy. Had to go rescue someone who locked their keys in busy.

Meaning I finally sat down at the computer at about 6 PM with no wordcount yet for the day. Zip. Zero.

8:50 PM – over 1700 words of scripting and a good end of scene, thud.

…Yes, I’m focusing on scripting, I’m trying to get all the plot roughed out before the end of November. Hopefully it’ll be easier to go back and flesh things out if I know it’s all there in skeletal format!

So. Here I am, writing this short bit way too late at night, but NaNo was gotten, nyah.

…Sleep good, yes….

NaNo Wordcount as of last night: 45.2 K

8 thoughts on “Short NaNoWriMo Post: Auuuugh

    1. Not milk! Allergic to uncultured milk protein.

      …Yes, you read that correctly and it was a bear to figure out. Yogurt, cheese (hard cheeses are better), sour cream – all fine. Milk, butter, regular cream? Very Bad Things happen.

      I also have lactose intolerance, but that’s actually a separate problem. Hence putting this up in case anyone else recognizes that “Hey, I cut out lactose but I’m still sometimes having problems….”

      Apparently the proteins in wheat, milk, and soy are all similar enough that people can develop cross-reactions and be allergic to all three, very often. Said allergic reactions can range anywhere from gut trouble to Things Gone Very Wrong In The Head, and doctors often have no clue this could even be a problem.

      Fish is good, though. 🙂

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      1. Hence some of the gluten free casein free prepared foods.

        All I’m going to say is that my health has had some things that are a little hilarious from the right perspective.

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  1. I once had the wonderful experience of having managed to lock my housekeys and workplace locker keys up one night. The extra key was locked up in the supervisor’s office, none of which were there at that time in the evening.

    That night we had an amazing storm, and I wanted to get home, to make sure water wouldn’t flood through the basement door, or backup through the basement shower/toilet. My Uncle, who is my landlord, goes to bed early, and had no beside telephone, so no getting him to let me in.

    So, I just decided to hope for the best, and kill time in an internet cafe till the morning shift, where someone would be in the office.

    When I got home, I’d found that the water had stood probably about half a foot in the basement, but had all drained away, aside from a thin layer of muck. Didn’t smell bad, but the first section of shelving with a good portion of my manga and artbooks got ruined, along with an old sleeper couch that got its upholstery partly soaked. No drywall that needed tearing out, and the floors are tile… A lot of effort to get everything wet outside to dry, or be disposed off, and clean the muddy film up.

    But I’d had a sleepless night, had afternoon shift, but my supervisor said that he just needed every man to make production, so he couldn’t see clear to giving me the shift off…

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