A Very Suspicious Dent

Tired, so… some traces of wildlife.

I’m not sure, but I’m thinking antlion.


And the leafcutter bees have been at it again.

Leafcutter in shadow

And it hasn’t gotten quite cold enough to do in the marigolds. Yet.



5 thoughts on “A Very Suspicious Dent

  1. Nice! I have a few plants I’m eyeing sideways as well up here. It’s a bit sad, but their green makes a nice contrast to everything else. (I’m also super stoked about my hellebore. Ever green, but the joy is that it should bloom in January. I’m really excited that I have actually kept some green things alive this year. *eyes rosemary plant* Not all. Not unless the rosemary can forgive me for overwatering it.

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  2. St. Albert the Great had an antlion for a pet when he was a kid.

    It comes up in his “On Animals,” which has a delightful translation by a veterinarian. (Because he includes a bunch of miscellaneous veterinary information, in order to refute stuff that Aristotle and other natural philosophers got wrong. If you want to know how medieval Bob the Falconer fixed a bird’s injuries, St. Albert is the guy who can tell you all about it. And also how he rappelled down cliffs to see birds’ nests and incidentally refute Avicenna, Augustine, etc. Albert was a great believer in experience as the best teacher.)

    But yeah, a lot of his Aristotle -connected books have X title, which is about reconciling Aristotle to Christianity while providing Aristotle commentary, and then there is Y similar title, which tells you what Albert knew about Aristotle’s topic, and refutes everybody when they are wrong. So yes, the medievals liked their ancient authorities and Fathers, but experiential knowledge often overrode that.

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