NaNoWriMo: Last Bit of Nemesis So Far

Unfortunately came down with crud over the holidays. Thank goodness I’d already made wordcount, because the past two days I’ve only managed a few hundred words. Very frustrating, especially since there’s still about 3 days of outline that need fleshing out. Much less prose written to make a real rough draft!

Then again, given how the six months leading up to and through October went, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to pull off NaNo at all. So… I have at least the 51K of rough-and-outline, it’s more than I hoped for.

Hoping the bug passes so I can finish the rough over the next month. In the meantime – a bit more of our villain.

Eleison. Huh. A typical grandiose name for a new player, he should have expected no less. Well, no matter. She might be on the way to graduating from toy to target, but she was still just a low-level, inexperienced player. New to the game and far too young to be wary of life. It should be easy enough to get close in a party with her, the better to enjoy twisting the knife-

Only the girl rarely joined parties. And apparently with good reason. Once in a while, usually about every two days, her character would… glitch.

He’d thought it was twitchy fingers, at first. Or even a clever if risky tactic, given the first time he’d ambushed her party in yet another form and blasted her down to half hit points in one blow, she’d logged out. Which from his calculations would have put her with just enough HP remaining to keep her avatar alive. Clearly, even if she was a noob, she was very good at math.

(As he’d find out through investigation much later, yes, she was very good at math. This was completely unrelated to the logouts.)

Much more annoying, she also seemed to be preternaturally good at detecting shapeshifters. And he could not determine how. His illusions were flawless. Her aura vision, while skilled and only getting better as she rose in levels, was still a skill anyone could master. And her Hunting magic, though augmented by research and later uncannily friendly acquaintance with NPC loremasters, was still normal game magic.

It was her magical affinity that was the odd one out. In a world where everyone might use magic, most players went for elemental power; quick, flexible, easy to use to damage creatures no mortal blade would touch. Some aimed for healing, or purifying, or even darkness that edged too close to Eldritch formulas for any being’s comfort.

Eleison’s affinity was one barely touched on by most players, because it took being able to think in the middle of a fight.

(Or the sheer experience with terror to be able to move by practiced reflex when your brain was otherwise completely frozen, but he wouldn’t figure out that for a very long time.)

Eleison’s magic was movement.

It made fighting the woman beyond frustrating. She….

Well. She wasn’t heroic.

Most players, even after the game changed and it was real, every death so sweetly real – even then, most of those he fought would charge straight at him. Or jerk to a stop, and flee, and vow to come back when they were stronger.

Eleison would clash with him sword to sword, surely. But her eyes always slid aside. And if he wasn’t careful, so did she.


13 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo: Last Bit of Nemesis So Far

  1. “The sheer experience with terror to be able to move by practiced reflex when your brain was otherwise completely frozen.”

    This sounds like a reflex that would be very useful to have in an eldritch horror setting…

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      1. …yeeeah, been wondering about that background as well.

        Eleison, as in Kyrie Eleison? „Have mercy“?
        …I’m reminded of one Kat Smith, of Emerald Hope fame. Methinks, once she throws down with Bakemono, she’ll be all outta mercy. Heee…

        And ain’t that kitty just a petty piece of work? The „poor“ cheater, out to avenge the „slight“ of being unmasked.
        That rakshasa feels a lot like that Devereaux guy from an early FFVII fic, just a lot more fleshed out and nastier.

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      2. Well, as one mystery/thriller writer put it, “the problem with writing psychopaths as your villains is they’re all the same. 2-dimensional characters. Only their methods are different.”

        As for the background… it’s going to be tricky to get across that what Elen (Eleison, and yes, as in “have mercy”) got out of was as terrifying as any monster. Or worse. But I’m going to try!


      3. I don’t want to know what games you do or don’t play– little too much risk, there– but:

        Oh my gosh that hit perfectly as a name someone would use, perfectly realistic, while also being Something With Deep Meaning and illustrating the character of the villain, all in one.

        Plus most folks will associate it with that 80s song, which also works great.
        “Kyrie eleison
        Down the road that I must travel
        Kyrie eleison
        Through the darkness of the night
        Kyrie eleison
        Where I’m going, will you follow
        Kyrie eleison.
        On a highway in the light”.

        There’s a hundred different directions it can go, and a good half-dozen different reasons someone would choose it– including “I hit google translate’s latin page and it sounded cool”– and it WORKS.

        (I geek out over names, my guildies have gotten use to being hailed by I Think It’s Funny translations of their names.)

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      4. One of my favorite songs!

        Not just because I got to tell folks “eh, it’s Greek to me.”

        Famous funny story, when they were taking the Mass into the vernacular, a bishop (maybe cardinal?) at one point cried out “no, no! leave me that bit of Latin!” for the Kyrie Eleison.

        (Yes, he was embarrassed, but everybody got the idea. And it seems to be showing up more often now.)

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  2. It’s kind of interesting and ties into my Halloween info from this year… but the bits of Greek in the Latin/Roman Rite do not actually come from super early Christian times, when everybody spoke Greek except the lawyers and the North Africans and the really old Roman families.

    It’s from when all these Greek and Syrian guys started moving _out_ of the Eastern Empire and _into_ Rome, as Islam and politics got sticky.

    Also from that time — that weird bit at papal Masses where they chant the Gospel in Byzantine Greek chant. (Unlike the Kyrie, that’s something that got dropped and picked back up again more recently.)

    Eleos (English mercy, Hebrew chesed) is etymologically related to elaios, olive oil. The association is with olive oil as a substance used for rubbing into bruises and for soothing small wounds.

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  3. The more I read of this, the more I want to read! And this is only from rough draft Nano writing!! I’m sooo very happy I discovered your writing, it is so satisfying to read and enjoy. I hope you feel better! Thank you for sharing. (I’m really looking forward to more of this, the fact that I’m squeeeing over the VILLAIN’S backstory is a huge tell to me of how much I will enjoy a story. You truly are amazing, I hope you know that!)

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