Brief Update on Midnight and Others

Well, NaNoWriMo may be over but the outline still needs fleshing out, so that’s what I’m up to at the moment. Not achieving anywhere near NaNo levels of wordcount, but so long as I get a rough idea for what happens on each day down, more words can come later.

Then it’ll be going back and fleshing all the rough ideas out into an actual complete rough draft. Which… may be easier now that the bunnies have finally settled on what the World Below “looks” like. I swear I didn’t know it was a hollow world setting until about halfway through!

Terminology is being a bit of a stumper in some cases. There’s two different groups the players fell into, but I know the denizens had a term that included all of their “profession”. Just need to figure it out….

Also now that the main characters are pretty much nailed down in my head, I’ll have to go back and figure out exactly (instead of just broad strokes) what the Bad Guys were up to, and who our Good Guys call for help at the last minute. Also get in more details of the craziness happening on Earth as monsters start cropping up all over the place.

Hopefully I’ll also get back to chapter 8 of Track and 2 of Not a Princess. NaNo may be great for nailing a rough draft down but it does tend to wipe you out as far as energy for fic goes!

Also the number of fic ideas and original ideas I have piled up around the room that the bunnies would rather go after instead Because Shiny is… a bit impressive. Years’ worth. They need to be sorted and organized. Badly. Eep.

(There’s one urban fantasy idea, for example, inspired by Black Lagoon – and yes, fay with guns because modern people aren’t scared of bumps in the night but they are scared of high-caliber pointed at their faces… and ack, I have no idea where I’d find the info on modern firepower – or the time to research it! – to pull that off….)


14 thoughts on “Brief Update on Midnight and Others

  1. Yeah, I’m currently more or less out of my mind from busy, and the bunnies have been piling up all sorts of crap.

    Like this original thing that is sorta an isekai gender flipped gundam wing with magical girls, and ‘ooh, dxd, shiny’, and nothing at all compelling in terms of plot and character.

    Sleep is good. Also, enough relaxation to spend time productively on the useful creative writing projects, instead of wastefully on the useless ones.

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  2. Don’t bother with researching real guns: The fey would operate by movieland logic, such as turning a gun on its side makes shot more accurate and more damaging. Or two-gun mojo working. Clips never running out of rounds of ammunition. Nonsense like that.


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  3. /Also now that the main characters are pretty much nailed down/

    Like the bible!

    / fay with guns because modern people aren’t scared of bumps in the night but they are scared of high-caliber pointed at their faces/

    “Mommy, there’s a monster under my bed!”

    “Awww, do you think he’s going to eat you?”

    “He said he’s gonna give me a vaccination!”


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  4. One of my pet peeves of a lot of urban magic settings is how magic seems to have problems interacting with new technology… Which begs the question of if magic had problems with “new technology” when “new technology” was oh… printing presses… or that new type of indoor plumbing… or grinding wheels… or any new development in metallurgy…

    Long story short… at what point does a “new technology” become an “normal technology” as far as magic goes and when does magic stop not knowing what to do with it somehow? Go too far back and that concept of magic not liking new technology stops making a lot of sense.

    Personally I love the idea of Fae (or any other magical creature that has… issues… with iron) being some of the major financial backers for a lot of modern material science. They’re probably all thrilled with all the non-iron stuff being come out with at least.

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    1. Hmm.

      Funding for a lot of that stuff is through the aerospace industry.

      Which implies elves as players in that industry.

      So, what did the elves do in WWII?

      Comes to mind that elves have a lot of a cavalry culture. Or can have. And Americans are dragoons. The elves might have really gone in for fighter pilot.

      I wonder if the elves lost a significant chunk of manpower flying fighter escorts for the daylight precision bombing campaign over Europe?

      I also wonder if they are wired to be a bit nutty about flight.


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