Thoughts on the Lead-Up to 2020

Next year has to be better than this one. It just… has to be.

I hate winter for multiple reasons. Cold, allergies, the holidays, and a lack of sunlight are the big ones.

(Cold for multiple reasons. FYI, while no one is allergic to the methane of natural gas, the methyl mercaptan they add so you can smell leaks? Burned, that can indeed be an inhaled allergen. Yaaaaay.)

If I could, I’d pull the covers over my head at the start of December and not come out ’til, oh, February. When the light’s come back a little and I feel less like a shambling pile of gray in the shape of a human. Alas, we are not yet capable of month-plus hibernation. Darn.

I’m still working on Midnight, and hope to finish the rough by the end of December, or at least the end of January. Normally I’d be a lot farther along but the year has been difficult, to say the least. Meaning full immersion into characters and worlds I’m writing has only come in fits and starts. Yes, this has slowed down fanfic too; probably more, because origfic drafts at least mean potential income later. Yes, this is very frustrating. But as someone eloquently put it over on Mad Genius Club, sometimes you simply cannot juggle one more flaming chainsaw.

Still, as time and house-cleaning permits I will finish the Midnight rough, then let that sit and stew while I try to hack the Leatherbound rough draft into something more closely approximating a coherent storyline. That one in part is going to be tricky because it started out inspired by wacky shonen antics, then the story itself got more realistic and serious. Meaning some character actions and portrayals have to be adjusted accordingly. Argh.

(Not to mention a few action scenes are still only in outline form. Sigh.)

I have hopes to do a lot more than that, but… work on two books is probably enough to wave under the universe’s nose as a Plan. Who knows how things would crash down if I tried to get any more detailed.

P.S., Murphy-

My life is not a shonen manga. Or a seinen one. You can quit with the shonen protagonist levels of trauma any time now.

Seriously. Enough already.

If this keeps up I’d better by-goodness get an isekai vacation out of the whole mess, or the entire universe is completely unfair.

26 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Lead-Up to 2020

  1. Well, the problem with that is… Murphy loves the show too much to toss in a hiatus. Plus, knows where we sleep, work, try to relax…

    Yeah, Murphy’s a jerk like that. Sitting back with whatever the snack of choice is while we all muddle through whatever gets hauled in our way.

    On the upside… presents?

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  2. Knowing Murphy, getting chosen to be an isekai protagonist would mean having to save said other world . . . which on the one hand, saving the world is NOT a vacation . . . but on the other hand, in a lot of those isekai worlds the problems are probably the killable kind (slaying evil monsters are SO much simpler to dealing with paperwork and politics and drama). . . plus you would probably get some True Companions out of it . . .

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  3. *sympathy* ’16 was one of those years for me.

    It got better.

    ….Neither El Paso nor Iowa is much of an isekai, though. Even if I do swear that Iowa must have one of the highest per-capita Unashamed Passing Geek rates on earth. (says the gal in a Kakashi shirt)

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  4. Always felt the winter is overrated… Cold and dark is good description. Gods, I can’t wait for spring to arrive…
    But as was said before, there is upside = Presents. If you overlook Christmas craziness.

    Never count on Murphy. He loves doing oposite of what you want. Or need…

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      1. like my kid who has developed photosensititivity? Flourescents are really bad, also light through wnidows… Don’t talk about car trips…… The doctors say the good news is it’s not AFATCT symptomatic of any of the really horrible things it could mean. The bad news.. not much to do to help, especially since the FDA hasn’t approved some of the stuff that helps in suscreen. The kid’s gotten some relief from polypodium supplements, and a spanish sunscreen (bought through with something from the same plant as an ingredient. – Heliocare advanced gel spf 50

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  5. If you get isekai’d to somewhere that doesn’t have Westphalian sovereignty, and thus bad guys can’t hide behind the law (at least without becoming the law), keep the portal open for us, alright? You aren’t the only one who could use the stress relief of straightforward baddie-slaying, especially if it comes with convenient level-up mechanics.


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  6. I hope next year is better for you! And two new books in the middle of this is amazing. I’m already looking forward to them (though I don’t know what Leatherbound is, I’m sure I’ll love it)! Plus, I’ve got four of your books on my Christmas wishlist and I should get at least two of them (I left *hints* to my family). I’m not sure how helpful that is but… money? Money is always good.

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  7. I hope you have a good next year. This year is ending sadly for me. Wish Gram could have held out untill Thanksgiving, but…Gets worse, we have been staying with her due to a combination of a Murphy Chosen chewtoy situation that depleted our finances and the S##ttiest con-artist in MD.
    She was the type to count pennies on a grocery bill. Suprise at the bank, and we have to move b4 year’s end. Joy.

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      1. Only good news is that Gram had a heck of a nest egg. Too bad she chose (Name spoilered)tucky, as things have depreciated in value rather than increased if she had chosen the other prospect.

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