Track of the Apocalypse Ch8 Ficbit – Compromises

Man, it’s like trying to take a whole military convoy downrange, Jack thought, trading glances with his grim team as they all drained more coffee. With a refugee caravan mixed in, and endless angry hordes trying to take them down. And they’re doing it with, what, maybe thirty-odd trained soldiers and a bunch of armed civilians? Ouch.

Mind, armed civilians like Ikoma were apparently no easy bit to chew on. Fortunately.

And the Koutetsujou had made it so far, hurricane and all. But if they didn’t get to safe territory for some rest soon, someone was going to slip. Given that would leave SG-1 up the proverbial creek without even a boat, much less a paddle, Jack meant to do something about that.

Just as soon as I figure out what.

Sukari took in the team’s silence, and… well, it wasn’t a smile. More a sardonic twitch of very tired lips. “I’ve been there before.”

Sam sat up straight, almost losing a drop of coffee. “Wait. Yashiro Station, that bit about something stuck in the accelerator-”

“Linkage bar.” Sukari almost shuddered, with the distant stare Jack associated with an SGC airman thinking of near-misses of the snaky kind. “Kabane bones are worse than iron. Iron would have bent.”

Teal’c frowned. “Kurusu’s blade has cut Kabane spines.”

Sukari nodded; and that was definitely a wry smile. “One of these days, we want to figure out how that coating works. Right now I’m just glad Ikoma came up with it.” He glanced over the whole team. “You don’t know anything about hayajiro in-transit, so… Yukina and Lady Ayame went over the maps. There’s a bridge ahead we should be able to make it to. Where we can stop and ride out the storm.”

Jack didn’t have to look to feel his team’s aghast stare. “On a bridge.” When typhoon rain was already flooding places, and who knew what wind and debris washed downstream would do to the poor abused bridge supports.

Sukari didn’t look away. “A river-wide bridge. The Koutetsujou should fit… and we’ll only have to guard the two ends.”


15 thoughts on “Track of the Apocalypse Ch8 Ficbit – Compromises

  1. I’ve not slept well enough to be sane.

    One of the things I’ve been doing lately is reading on strange topics. Including a little on failure of bridges due to undermining by way of flood scouring.

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  2. Given that would leave SG-1 up the proverbial creek without even a boat, much less a paddle, Jack meant to do something about that.

    Can’t blame him for that.

    Pretty sure that being left up that particular creek on this planet would be certain death.

    Not to mention the problem that the refugee caravan and the regular convoy aren’t exactly on the best terms with each other . . . situation is pretty unstable. Plus, you know how angry, terrified, desperate people are – they want to someone to blame and often pick the first convenient target that presents itself (see SAO, Beater). Or they do something equally stupid.

    and we’ll only have to guard the two ends.”

    Yes, always remember that wherever you have to shelter in place in this world . . . you cannot forget the horde of zombie-like monsters lurking everywhere.

    I am pretty sure that Lady Ayame and Yukina aren’t thrilled about having to ride out a typhoon on a bridge for the exact same reasons you outlined in your head, Jack . . . but this is probably another case of there ISN’T a better option. (One of these days, Lady Ayame would like to make a choice that isn’t between “terrible, almost certain death” and “this is less terrible but still stupid and just might get us all killed.”)

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  3. Of course, author-san has been making noises about inflicting a situation on our poor intrepid characters that would make being in the middle of a bridge during a flood the last place to want too be…

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  4. Can I say eep?? The fact that they only have to guard twice ends is a good thing… Jack is going to find himself fighting the urge to stay here and help on a semi permanent basis, isn’t he? And if not him, than Daniel.

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    1. Jack is going to be giving serious consideration about finding people to rotate through here – give the locals some help, give the SGC members some training in a people-friendly but deadly offworld environment where they absolutely cannot screw up. Volunteers only….

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