Track of the Apocalypse Ch8 Ficbit – Objections

Kurusu watched the hatch lock spin home after Sukari and O’Neill’s team, as the offworlders headed toward a hero’s welcome in the first car. A well-deserved welcome; he would admit that freely. Without O’Neill’s skills and explosives the Koutetsujou would have been in dire straits. They would have had to reverse and head for more risky tracks; rails that had far more switchbacks, or more washouts already labeled on the map. They’d have lost days of time trying to make for Shitori Station. Days hungry, panicked refugees could not afford.

The offworlders had done their part, and shared their risks. They deserved honor. And trust.

…To a point.

“They’re gone.” Kurusu did not sigh in relief. But he could finally lower his guard. A hair. “How serious is it?”

Ikoma did sigh, still mostly hidden under blankets. “It’s not that- ow!”

“Hold still,” Kajika ordered. “I’ve almost got the last one tied.”

Kurusu traded his scowl for Kibito’s worried glance. Given how hard Kabaneri were to injure in the first place…. “How serious?”

Ikoma pulled back the makeshift hood with a bandaged hand, skin back to its usual pallor. “A few bites. They should be gone in a couple hours.”

Hozumi flopped dramatically back against the wall, just under a folded bunk. “You always get bitten.”

“Not always.” Ikoma wrinkled his nose right back at her, for all the world like an exasperated older brother. “I didn’t get bitten in Keishi.”

Hozumi huffed. “Okay. Once.”

“Or in Kongokaku,” Ikoma forged onwards.

That earned him the younger Kabaneri’s eye-roll. “Oh, come on.”

“It is true,” Kurusu interjected dryly. Ikoma had been stabbed, shot, flung about in a near-fatal fight with Biba, and nearly mowed down by a hayajiro. But not bitten.

Hozumi heaved a put-upon sigh. “Okay. Twice.”


10 thoughts on “Track of the Apocalypse Ch8 Ficbit – Objections

  1. …To a point.

    Of course.

    Helpful or not, they are still strangers. You haven’t known them for very long – and one of your secrets is a big one, one that means the difference between life and death. I won’t trust someone I barely know with something like that either.

    And in fairness, they don’t completely trust you yet either.

    But not bitten.

    Maybe Murphy decided that, after everything else, getting bitten would be over the top?

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