Track of the Apocalypse Ch8 Ficbit – Worries

“O’Neill is an experienced soldier.” Kurusu gathered them all with a look, taking in Kibito’s worry, Kajika’s wide eyes, and Ayame’s quiet frown; a noble calculating odds and the maneuvers of men. “He will know no one breaks free of a mob easily – or without injury.”

“But we did.” Ikoma pulled the blankets a little tighter. “At least, we looked like we did.”

Kibito let out a slow breath, glancing from the Kabaneri to the corner O’Neill’s team had been in, likely going over again exactly what they could have seen. “We covered as well as we could. But… he’s going to wonder.”

One more cough, and Hozumi settled towels around her like a grumpy tent. “So what do we do?”

Ayame crouched to rest a hand on her shoulder, smiling at the younger girl. “For now, we don’t do anything.”

Kajika disentangled herself from one layer of blankets, taking Hozumi’s cup in trade for a red-banded tube. “Lady Ayame…?”

“Let him come to us.” Ayame straightened. “Once we know what the colonel thinks happened, then we can,” she hesitated, less than half a breath, “tell him what we need to of the truth.”

Hozumi drained her tube, lowering it with a sigh of relief. Chased immediately by a frown. “You’re going to tell him about Kabaneri?”

Kurusu shook his head once, feeling still-damp hair against his neck. “No.”

Hozumi tapped one finger against bamboo, almost trying to stare him down. “You’re confusing.”

19 thoughts on “Track of the Apocalypse Ch8 Ficbit – Worries

  1. Hozumi tapped one finger against bamboo, almost trying to stare him down. “You’re confusing.”

    “He’s being politically-minded. That takes ‘being confusing’ to an art form.”

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      1. You don’t get to r school one step below flag rank in any military without some ability to play the political games of the service. Jack might not like it but he should know some of the game.

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      2. Jack was retired, which is why he takes considerable enjoyment in being ZFG when it comes to politicking and diplomacy. He had to play the game when he was just a (legendary, admittedly) soldier. Now he’s someone that American _needs_, so he pushes where he knows he can get away with it.


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      3. I think before Charlie’s passing, he cared enough to play the promotion games. He probably used obfuscating stupidity as one of his go-to strategies for dealing with questions from anyone one he didn’t work with.

        During SG1, he cares about Daniel, the mission, eventually Sam and Teal’c, but not his career. To do the mission, he doesn’t need to watch his behavior around Hammond, because Hammond knows Jack is irreplaceable. Off screen, we would hope he is a less bad role model for the junior officers of the SGC.

        We see him on a lot better behavior with outside senior officers, congressional review, etc…

        Part of what made the SG1 formula a little difficult to duplicate. Irreverence was a useful trait for writing comic elements, but most types of ‘successful officer’ archetype are not as flexible as what they did with Jack.

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  2. MERRY CHRISTMAS! I am delighted to inform you that I got all four of your books, meaning I now own them all (there are 5, right?). I am super excited to start reading them, as soon as the obligatory family time is over. Hope you have a good day!

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  3. I was reading Seeds of Blood again recently and the note about how O Holy Night should raise the roof made me look at different renditions on YouTube. You should listen to Silvie Paladino’s 2012 carols in candlelight O Holy Night. It probably would have shattered the windows if it was indoors. Merry Christmas!

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