Track of the Apocalypse Ch9 Ficbit – Understandable Sidesteps

“Obviously,” Jack agreed, picking up on what Daniel must have put together from a dozen subtle social cues and bits they’d seen of how the class system worked. “But, you know. Bushi, steamsmiths – you guys don’t talk to each other much. So if, say, some grabby station lord wants to know which steamsmith… eh. Shrug.”

Keisuke breathed out, and inclined his head graciously. “Lady Ayame did say you were an experienced commander.”

And no, it wasn’t Jack’s imagination; the whole car had relaxed. Some people were jabbing each other and winking about the near escape, others were shepherding off the kids to play a kind of jacks with bits of wooden scrap, and everybody was politely ignoring the mother who’d wrapped herself in a shawl to feed baby out of sight.

“Two weeks,” Jack repeated, thoughtful. “Wow, you guys changed your tactics fast.” Because holy Hannah, they had to have. Nobody would have tried that rescue in the middle of Keishi with guns that didn’t kill things.

“We’ve had some help.” A slight shrug. “Now that we’re clear, Kurusu will be using the second car to train. And discuss future tactics. If you would be interested.”

Jack glanced at his team, even though he knew what their answer would be. Better tactics for the locals meant a better chance of survival for everybody. And he was kind of curious to get in on what jet bullets could actually do. And couldn’t.

Not to mention, he still had questions about a certain steamsmith, and what he hadn’t seen in a typhoon-soaked night.

Easy. Go slow. If Keisuke’s hinting what I think he’s hinting, these guys would move heaven and earth not to lose Ikoma. And I can’t blame ‘em. “You want to poke our brains for more tactics? Sure why not.”

Keisuke nodded, but paused before he headed for the hatch. “Chie’s been cleared,” he announced to the car at large. “But she’s staying in the sixth car for now. They can use another rifle. Even restrained, a madman is… distracting.”


4 thoughts on “Track of the Apocalypse Ch9 Ficbit – Understandable Sidesteps

  1. “the mother who’d wrapped herself in a shawl to feed baby out of sight”
    It’s amazing how my mood can get better thanks to one sentence. Because I have an year old, and amount of weird opinion about breast-feeding in public is… well…

    Anyway, thank you for an another great ficbit. Love these sensibile people! And them brainstorming strategy will be awesome! 😁

    Liked by 2 people

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