Track of the Apocalypse Ch9 Ficbit – Annoyed Engineers

“As Keisuke said, we’ve had help learning new tactics,” Kurusu stated. Glanced toward Uryuu, and back to the colonel. “You have heard that Biba Amatori, who led the Hunters before, destroyed Kongokaku. What you have not heard is that for ten years before that they were the only force who succeeded in destroying Kabane.”

“Mortar fire, mostly,” Uryuu deadpanned. “That, and special bullets. Not the same kind Aragane pulled out of their hat. Ours need a hell of a lot more gunpowder. Hard to get. But you just can’t breach the iron cage with a regular steam rifle… unless you can land a bunch of hits on the exact same spot.”

O’Neill followed his gaze to Hozumi, and whistled. “You can do that?”

She jerked her head in a nod, still huffy. “Jet bullets are better. I only need one shot.”

“One heart-shot on something charging you is a lot better odds,” Sam agreed, blinking. “And you can put several in the same spot? Wow. Most of our best soldiers couldn’t do that.”

“No,” Daniel noted quietly, chin propped on his knuckles. “No, they couldn’t.” He cleared his throat. “Should we ask?”

“Might be wiser not to, if you’re not behind locked hatches.” Kibito grinned a little, some of the seriousness dropping away as he tugged at one sleeve of his gi. “Though part of the problem is, we don’t know much. The Hunters’ scientists, the ones who found girls like Mumei… or, well, we don’t even know that, did they find girls or do something….”

“Steamsmith over there blew them up.” Uryuu crossed his arms, and gave Kurusu a look daring him to object. “Along with who knows how many Hunters.”

“Sahari threw the Kokujou at me,” Ikoma said flatly, setting the steamrifle aside. “You try that again, I’ll find something else to blow up.” Not that he could do that with sheer willpower, not anymore – but he was a steamsmith. Knowing how things exploded was part of the job.


13 thoughts on “Track of the Apocalypse Ch9 Ficbit – Annoyed Engineers

  1. I can’t wait until they figure out that they mean it Literally. I’d love to see that Blue Screen of Death.

    Ikoma literally Throwing a Train. I loved watching that happen.

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    1. >Ikoma literally Throwing a Train. I loved watching that happen.>
      Indeed though not quite up to the standards of the original.

      But Ikoma isn’t a monk so he shouldn’t be expected to be able to suplex a train (yet).

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      1. My thoughts exactly. That fight is hilarious.

        Like, how are they running fast enough to keep away from it and still fight it?

        I would love to see Ikoma do that though…


  2. And THIS is why Annoyed Engineers are the scariest so-and-sos in ANY universe. Unless you deny them the time, they WILL figure out how to make your stuff Blow The F Up in the way that most benefits them and hurts you.

    Even if said “stuff” is a planet, or a star (yes, Sam&Rodney, I’m looking at YOU). 😛

    Even if you take away their duc(t/k) tape, that will only slow them down long enough to improvise an ad-hoc replacement.

    The moment when SG-1 realize that their hosts told them The Truth, (not) The Whole Truth, and Nothing But The Truth will be *glorious*. Jack will probably even respect it, once he stops facepalming.

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    1. The fun part is once it gets to the point where they think it’s in jokes and the like they’ll stop giving it as much thought and they can just keep having it mentioned again in front of them (already starting to happen a bit before with hearing the story being told to the children, though that was before the typhoon bit led to some suspicions).

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