Track of the Apocalypse Ch10 Ficbit – Enter Trouble

“The princess wants to make a station that goes out and hunts Kabane,” Uryuu stated. “Wants to run this hayajiro for Aragane, and for Hunting. And she hasn’t lied to us yet.” He eyed them all. “If the Kongokaku get off at Shitori, we’re not offloading there. Might as well stay on board to the next station after that. See what happens.”

We need more time to think. To see what the Koutetsujou’s really like. Uryuu almost bared his teeth. See if they snap, when a station’s right there – and it doesn’t want them anymore.

His men traded glances, obviously not sure staying on the Koutetsujou longer was the best call. Well, tough. He’d kept ‘em alive this long. He wasn’t just letting them jump off the hayajiro into hostile station territory. Not until Eishun had his widgets, anyway-

Eishun stiffened at a gust of wind, and Uryuu wanted to kick himself. He’d heard the hatch, he just hadn’t paid attention to the creaking; Koutetsujou bushi came and went without causing any trouble, and Kongokaku wouldn’t come near their car without making a lot of noisy ruckus first. At least, that’s what he’d thought.

And maybe he was still right, ‘cause the green-and-black coming through the hatch were no Kongokaku. What were the Keishi offworlders doing here- oh.

You said you’d tell ‘em about Biba. Looks like they came to hear it.

They didn’t get more than two feet inside the hatch, O’Neill stopping dead as Teal’c sealed it. The gray-haired bushi’s eyes crossed as small and yellow buzzed in front of him, and Uryuu let himself smirk.

“Bees.” O’Neill’s deadpan was somehow even more dry than Kurusu’s. “Why.”

15 thoughts on “Track of the Apocalypse Ch10 Ficbit – Enter Trouble

  1. “BEEESSS On a Train!”
    I wonder if bee-aversion is a foible of Jack’s…

    So, the Hunters are mulling over Aragane’s plans for the future, and if they want to play a part, any part, in it. The decision to make will soon become clear, if the greater strategic situation in regards to the long term survival/viability of Stations/civilization is made clear. Because the Hunters will inevitably die with the Stations, without steamsmiths to make and repair gear, and the industry required for that.

    The coming discussion is going to be one of the juicy ones, where Jack grapples with the sheer unmitigated disaster the Shogun and his enablers created…

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  2. “Why not bees?”

    Uryuu watched as a strange, unholy light began to gleam in O’Neil’s eyes… and as O’Neil’s people exchanged glances and began backing away as quickly an unobtrusively as possible.

    O’Neil leaned in, looking positively bloodthirsty. “Why answer a question with another question?”

    Uryuu laces his fingers behind his head and smirked. “Why ask why?”

    He could hear his own people quick-shuffling away from the danger radius. And one of O’Neil’s people, the one with the glasses, mutter “We have Snark-Con 1, we should *run now*.”

    B/c let’s face it, a full-on, no-holds-barred snark-off with a worthy opponent is one of Jack’s rare joys in life, an Uryuu’s too Wiseass Snarky Teenager to back down.

    …ogod, Jack introduces Uryuu to the concept of a “Yo Mama!” fight….

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    1. Oh goodness. I once watched an EPIC “Yo Mama!” battle. Between two sisters. Judged by their mother. Who kept egging them on to new heights. I had no words.

      You’d just have to make sure that the Hunters understood the basic concept of the friendly version of the Yo Mama battle not ACTUALLY being about their actual mothers, who are likely dead. Wasn’t it one of Vathara’s other works that had someone make a “you kiss your mother with that mouth?” comment and got smacked with a sub-zero “Our mothers died with honor, you will not speak of them”? I want to say it was Upon a Fiery Steed, and the snap-back was from Wufei.

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      1. Yep. It’s in chapter nine. One good thing about Ao3 is that you can just open the entire story in one page, and use ctrl-f to search for stuff like that.

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