Officially Spring, and Edits

Butterflies hatched! Friday, and Sunday.






In other news, finally felt well enough to start working on Nothing Good Happens After Midnight again. Main rough was written from Eleison’s POV. Now I’m getting in some of Marion’s POV; in-game werewolf Hunter Yeager, out of game Search and Rescue volunteer with certain useful skills.

The rough needs at least 10-20 K additional words to feel like a long-enough story for a book. I suspect Marion will have plenty to say about this crazy situation. 😉

Writing felt like thumping a wooden box down the stairs, but I did get somewhere. Hoping to keep that up!




7 thoughts on “Officially Spring, and Edits

  1. Pretty butterfly . . . Good luck on those edits.

    I suspect Marion will have plenty to say about this crazy situation.

    I imagine some of it is the kind of language that often gets someone to note they weren’t aware that the person swearing even knew those words . . .

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    1. It’s interesting because the two characters have a very different focus. Elen/Eleison is intently focused on keeping herself and other people alive. Marion/Yeager has a wider outlook; he’s more used to having a safe retreat. So the perspectives on what’s important and what needs to be done now differ.

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