Track of the Apocalypse Ch10 Ficbit – Backstory

“So.” Uryuu crossed his arms. “You want to know why Biba killed the crazy shogun.”

“That, too,” O’Neill said easily. Too easily; he didn’t even have a little flinch at the thought of killing the highest lord in Hi-no-Moto. Maybe he really was from another world.

“But what we really want to know,” O’Neill went on, “is everything that led up to that. There was a civil war. Who was on which side? How’d it end?” He traded a glance with Daniel. “And maybe most important – why’d Kongokaku still hate everybody else’s guts enough to decide anyone outside their walls was unclean, when the Kabane are freaking everywhere.”

Don’t know half of that. Don’t care. “Fear.” Uryuu bared his teeth. “It was fear.”

“Biba was our sworn lord,” Masahide put in, quiet and steely as Kurusu delivering a message. “There were things he never said, and it would have been improper to ask. But he did tell us some of the… less pleasant details of life in the shogun’s household.”

“Shogun cracked when the Kabane came,” Uryuu stated, flat out. “He’d have fits. Lose his temper on anyone in range. He didn’t kill them. Usually.”

Daniel sucked in a breath. “To his own son?”

Uryuu tamped down a bristle. “Biba didn’t say.”

O’Neill nodded, just once. “But you think he did.”

“What I know, is Biba found any bushi trying to kill a kid, he made sure the brat got a chance to stab ‘em back.” Uryuu shrugged. “First guy I ever killed. Bastard had it coming. I wasn’t bit.”

They flinched. Good. Hunters survived because they were strong and dangerous. Even more dangerous than the Kabane.

O’Neill was less flinch than frown, though. Weird.

“How old were you?”

Uryuu rocked back on his heels. What did that have to do with anything? “Eleven? Twelve? Who cares? Point is, Biba found us, all of us, and gave us a chance to live.” He shrugged, feeling the Koutetsujou bounce over a stray rock on the rails. “Cut down by a sword, starving by inches ‘cause nobody wants someone unlucky enough to live through a station falling – same thing. Without him we’d all be dead.”

A/N: Yes, I am headcanoning that Mumei’s not the only kid Biba gave a chance to survive by killing someone else. It’s a dark but IRL effective means of gaining loyalty.


12 thoughts on “Track of the Apocalypse Ch10 Ficbit – Backstory

  1. And Jack would’ve been very familiar with it.

    Trinquier’s Modern Warfare mentions something similar as a known technique of the adversary.


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    1. Jack has a problem with those who use child soldiers. He probably particularly hates it when the guy abusing the children turns out to be an abused kid himself, because that means there was no one to come to the rescue last time.


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  2. Especially effective when the person killed has it coming for a reason that anyone with a sense of fairness would understand.

    Given the suspicion of Ma’Chello’s interference, the shogun’s madness might even stem from one last fluff you from the Emperor after the civil war was decided, something in addition to the Kabane getting loose.


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      1. /Ma’chello already did enough damage with the Kabane./
        Ma’chello: “Nonsense! I can always do more damage. Always.”

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  3. Yeah, modern sensibilities clashing with traditions of previous eras is going to be something Jack especially is going to have to get over.

    Kids thrown into situations that adults should be handling are a hot-button for him pretty much his entire showing.

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  4. Yes… that will be a touchy subject for Jack…
    And with most of the Hunters being people who had nothing to lose, who he picked up, and took with him, their loyalty even in face of his madness should be more understandable to SG1.

    Looking forward to the full story

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  5. If Jack had been born in any time or place, he’s probably still the kind of guy who would be angry about kids in bad situations. Age of “kids” might shift a little, or might not.

    You also missed the other fork of the loyalty thing. If a kid kills a bushi, and does not become part of Biba’s retinue, the kid will be killed by the bushi’s friends and/or relations. Only alliance with a high-ranking young lord like Biba could save him. (And whatever family the kid has left.)

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    1. Of course, Uryuu might be the kind of guy who never even saw the other fork. Biba probably picked people with a high potential for loyalty. But some of the kids probably did see it, even if they were okay with it.

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