An Attempt at Humorous Art

Okay, now you guys can see why I write instead of draw.


…So I had an idea about a week back and finally fought it onto the paper. Roughly. With an attempt at perspective.

Yeah, probably not the best attempt. Oh well.

At least I hope it gives someone a chuckle. 🙂


11 thoughts on “An Attempt at Humorous Art

  1. There are some sparse styles of humor or political cartoons that aren’t too different from that.

    Thank you for keeping on keeping on. Recovery from something that knocks out mental capacities is never fun.

    Your professionalism has been a good example to me.

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  2. Those of us who can’t draw a stick figure are giggling at your poor-mouthing. 😉

    Nah, seriously, I know how frustrating it is to have it in your head and not be able to make it look right.

    Also: heh.

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    1. You notice I didn’t try to draw a person…. *Wry G* Seriously, market meat fridge shelves, you know what it looks like, makes it easier for people to fill in the gaps themselves.

      I don’t “see” things in my head very easily. It’s a word-stream and fragmentary details. Meaning setting descriptions are a constant struggle and usually need edits, edits, more edits….

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  3. After seeing this, I’ve concluded that you’re better than you think you are at this. I never tried drawing a shelf inside a building and people used to tell me I was talented.

    I stopped my real attempts at improving my drawing skills due to actually having to do things so hard that people wouldn’t have looked at my efforts and said, “Look how talented you are!” and having a bad time in my last art class due to undiagnosed bipolar disorder.


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