Spring, or Fun With Reflections

Yep, the monarchs are back.

April Milkweed

You can see the caterpillars have been chewing on things. Yes, they eat the flower buds.

April Milkweed2

The culprits were unwilling to stay still long enough to be photographed.

Reflected Green1

The water, however, was remarkably still for a few minutes. Yes, the above is a reflection. And so is the below.

Reflected Green2

The lantana, it’s everywhere….

I just find it so odd that when I look at the water, I see the reflection, and through it. The camera focuses on the reflection. Huh. Reminds me a bit of the writer vs. reader knowledge of a story; the reader only knows what they can see from the words, so a writer has to be sure they all get in!


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