Night and Day, and Backyard Stuff

Know where anoles sleep during the night? I found one.

Brown anole2

So this one’s perched in the dried stems of a dead Spanish needle plant. Which is not a bad call for avoiding predators – it’d sway with anything that tried sneaking up on the lizard.

Brown anole4

Anole by day. Much more skittery and hard to catch on camera due to movement. (Nighttime is hard due to the camera needing a long time to get the shot in dim light.)

Bamboo shoot1

The above happens when it rains. Eeek….


The Easter cactus is liking the weather, though.

And to finish it off… some fluff!


9 thoughts on “Night and Day, and Backyard Stuff

  1. Looking at the leaves on your Easter cactus, makes me think it’s a Christmas or Thanksgiving cactus. They look much spinier than Easter cacti are supposed to be. Also supposedly the Easter cactus is supposed to bloom purple, red or pink, while the Thanksgiving cactus can bloom pink, red, white or yellow, and the Christmas cactus can bloom white, red or occasionally yellow. I’m not completely sure about the Easter cactus details, but confident in the leaf shape, because I inherited what was supposedly a Christmas cactus from my grandmother, which turned out to be the spinier Thanksgiving cactus, and the leaves on yours look an awful lot like the leaves on mine.

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    1. I’m pretty sure they’re all the same plant, but marketed differently depending when the grower forces them to bloom.

      Mine is blooms fuscia, and three to four times per year.

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  2. I have fluff! I have cats. There is fluff everywhere. Too bad cat fur isn’t great for spinning, or I’d have a nice side business. I mean, I’ve heard it CAN be done, but it’s a short, non-felting fiber. Not really ideal or even well suited for spinning, it’s just that people will try lots of odd things for the heck of it or for the challenge.

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      1. The few times I’ve come across cat fur fiber, it’s usually been marketed as a “make a knit/crochet kitty with your kitty’s fur!” style ad. And one person on tumblr that spun had made an offhand comment about their cat’s fur being nearly long enough to spin, and someone had bet couldn’t. People being people….you know what happened next.

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