Earring Tales: Plum Blossom Sunrise

Wanted to do something upbeat.

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Earring Tales: Floating Twilight and Honey Gold Crystal

Color gradients. Harder to pull off with larger beads, but… sometimes you can make it work.

Floating Twilight2

With smaller beads, more subtle gradients are easier. Not that this one is all that subtle, but… golds. 🙂

Honey Gold Crystal6

I love things that shimmer. And sparkle. 🙂 I’m not sure if it’s a raven-impulse, the “ooo that’s something you don’t see everyday”, or just the fact that some of the first pretty things I ever had were, frankly, bits of quartz and mica, which glimmered like light off water. I’m not a rockhound, too heavy when you also have to shift lots of books, but rocks are Very Cool.


Floating Twilight earrings.

Honey Gold Crystal earrings.