Current Events: A Bit Off Key

I sometimes think half the trouble in my life has come from trying to be responsible. Under the current Covid-panic conditions, this seems to backfire even more than usual. Starting off with, I’m pretty sure I know exactly when and where I caught it, and that was being Responsible about making sure someone’s taxes were done….

But, let’s talk something more mundane. In this case, car keys. I need to get a spare, because Roommate’s truck is currently down for the count needing an engine replacement. (Yes, from them being Responsible. Long story, much argh.) And we’re currently trading off using my car. Two people using the same key is twice as much chance for it to get lost, so a spare seemed in order. And it didn’t seem like much to ask. After all, if car repairs are deemed essential because people need transport, surely car keys would be.

Turns out, not so much.

Walmart Auto division? They do the right kind of keys, but not my make and model year. Other local auto repair places? Nope, nope, nope, resounding nope – either don’t have the equipment or just not gonna. A local hardware store that shall remain nameless, but is supposed to have Helpful Hardware Folks? Oh yes, they could do it.

Me: “Great! I’ll be right-”

“But because of the Current Conditions, we’re not doing that, because the person who programs the key has to sit inside your car.”

Me: “…So you’re only doing curbside pickup of items?”

“Oh no! The store’s open, you can come right in!”

So you can go in and walk around the store until they decide to chase you out, but they’re not willing to sit in your car, even with the windows and doors open, long enough to program a key. Right.

So I called the last resort – the local Honda dealer. And I say that for a reason. It takes me a two-hour round-trip just to get there and back, never mind how much time I need to hang around while they fix things. Yes, I still snarl at the multiple go-rounds with Takata airbags, how’d you know?

So I call them. Busy signal. Persists.

Deep breath. Internet. Find website. Send email, on the order of, “I need to get a spare key, how do I do this?”

Return email: “Hi! I want to personally thank you for your internet inquiry and interest in our vehicle. I will be contacting you shortly regarding the Sonic Price of your vehicle of interest.”

Me: Head. Desk.

I did, eventually, get through to someone over in Parts, so I will be able to get a key made. Eventually. It’ll take being able to free up at least half a day, and it’ll probably have to wait until Roommate has her truck back. Because the way Murphy is perched on my couch eating popcorn, I could so easily see their key-making machine going “skreeeeekthonk!” and eating the key.

(BTW, Murphy – I don’t even have a couch. How are you doing that?)

I want normal again, darn it. This is ridiculous.

12 thoughts on “Current Events: A Bit Off Key

  1. Yeah, I really miss normal, and am not happy when I attempt to estimate how long the status quo will last.

    Interesting context to the CNN thing; the American riots of the past few years have all been heavily stage managed. As in, the local police are under orders to permit the burnings, the events have funded organizers, and in many cases the inciting incidents have turned out to be fraud and disinformation.

    So what purpose does this serve? Is this how the 2020 election is going to be? Is the similar timing to some of the stuff China is pulling right now (Hong Kong and Taiwan) a coincidence? Is it actually spontaneous, simply an artifact of tempers being so short from the lockdown?

    Riots leave me ill tempered at the best of times. I do not love the excited crowds. The violence makes me think yearningly of the suppression of Nika, and Imperial Firebenders.

    I am short on sleep, and well into raving paranoia. One of the great things about America is that I do not have the power to see my preferences acted on here. Okay, we still have too many idiots with power, but the limitation on my power is one we can be thankful for.

    At least there are other things I can occupy my attention with.

    I am grateful for fanfic. Even if I am no good at it, and have been a little depressed to read the items I have lined up.

    Just came up with a six-way bunny, zero idea of how to implement, or what reason why, beyond puns.

    Project Avatar/Victory. Project, Aang, Ultima, new X-Com 2, Gundam, Fate. Sleep is a wonderful thing, I recommend it.

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    1. And the scary thing is the circular reasoning many of them use. A few years back, the hackerspace I was going to was across town near the college, and had a bunch of college “kids” (some of them were old enough to be grandparents, but they were still immature kids in the way they acted, and were part of the college crowd even if they didn’t all actually attend classes) that had figured out it was a cheap meeting place (there weren’t many other good places they could meet, that were large enough, and that allowed them to be mostly out of public while doing it, at least not for that price). And they liked discussing their political views and working out how and what they would do to enact them.

      Among other things, they were convinced that the police were an inherently “evil” thing, that they could not ever be in the right, and that if given the chance they would always choose the most “evil” action available. So, when there were some riots, I happened to be in the building when they came in to discuss how they’d handle the riots. It was scary. They started with complaints that the police had avoided “brutality” so far, then went into plans on how to bait them into being “brutal” on camera so it could be “proven” that “of course the police are evil, see what they did?”, and over the next couple days when that didn’t work, they started discussing how to stage something during the riots that could be faked to look like “police brutality”, including actually attacking the police and only starting to film after the police fought back. And they couldn’t see how the very fact they needed to do this to “prove” their side actually proved the opposite. Thankfully, a couple of them actually got arrested, and the police managed to do it without giving them the video “evidence” they were looking for.

      Tho I’m still convinced that group’s part of why that hackerspace ended up shutting down not long afterward. A couple of those crazies were on the board, and were using that to control what was done with the space, so the actual event that was used as the excuse to close down was really just the final straw.

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      1. I still get a lot of very dark amusement from contrasting those who were demanding 100% police body cam, 100% of the time, release the whole thing with only enough editing to protect those who are not involved….with those same people when California started doing it as a matter of course, and it totally destroyed the habit of a 10 second clip carefully chosen by the lawyers of those making accusations.

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  2. It’s Murphy, V.

    Aside from that, while I personally have been fortunate that my work is classed essential (can’t have water lines not working) and thus have managed to maintain a significant portion of my normal existence, I know of many who have not been so fortunate and are struggling with the decisions of those above us.

    For which I can only be truly thankful that I can at least send in my vote (somehow, hopefully, even this year) and do my best to deny those I feel to be stoking this mess into maintaining and expanding their personal pet projects the chance to continue to do so in the future.

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  3. My brain is too broken to grok ‘normal’, but studying Maslow’s hierarchy of needs helps me puzzle out where I need to be focusing more on. (The expectations of one Jesus of Nazareth for His followers are also very helpful, if more than a little difficult to practice.) Still an annoying number of spheres of this ‘real life’ thing where I’d like a user manual, so I can calibrate my expectations more accurately.


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  4. *sympathy*

    We have at least six spare keys for the house, and four for each vehicle where they don’t cost more than $10 each.

    They STILL go missing.

    And yes, “being responsible” seems to result in cleaning up six times as much of a mess.

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  5. Some locksmiths can make spare car keys. A few months back, there was a business that stopped by Sam’s Club and was offering the service out in the parking lot, from out of their fancy van or trailer. (I think this was after the virus stuff started, but before everybody was wearing masks.)

    I can’t remember what it’s called, though.

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