Tiny Little Lizard

Spot the lizard!

Spot the lizard1

Baby brown anole. Could probably curl up on a quarter with room to spare, tail included. I happened to spot it while out taking earring pics, and got some very quick pics before it scampered out of sight for good.

Spot the lizard4

It moved fast, but there were a few times it’d pause between scampers and I was able to get some surprisingly in-focus shots.

Spot the lizard6

The real fun came later when I was going over the pictures and muttering, “Er, what did I take a picture of here…? Wait, it was that afternoon, so there was a tiny lizard.”

*Stares at pictures of plants and pots.*

“Oh yeah, this is going to be interesting….”

Spot the lizard9

Anyway, I thought it was neat, and here you have my best cropped pics where you can actually find the lizard without a magnifying glass. 😉

3 thoughts on “Tiny Little Lizard

  1. My mom has an entire pile of pictures that are “I’m not sure what I was taking a picture of, here, but I’ll figure it out eventually.”

    And another pile of “this is a couple of seconds after something cool happened.”

    There is some overlap, obviously.

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