Track of the Apocalypse Ch13 Ficbit – Dress-up

“Carter is never going to let us live this down, is she?” Jack had muttered, trying not to fidget with his obi.

“After that mess on Simarka?” Daniel had let one eyebrow arch. “No. Never.”

At least now Jack wasn’t trying to untie or retie anything, proof that long experience wearing uncomfortable formal uniforms was good for something. Daniel took a long, deep breath, and pushed himself to his feet again. “Sorry. I… didn’t expect this many people.” Thousands. Maybe tens of thousands; Shitori was as big as Kintetsu, if a little more vertical. And Aragane had been bigger than this?

They didn’t lose a place like the Mountain. They lost a whole city.

“It’s a small station.” Dogen rubbed at his chin, taking in the sights with a calculating eye. “But after two weeks on the rails… it is astonishing, how crowded all this room seems.”

Daniel did not need Jack’s aside glance to recognize Politician Scheming, thank you. He just hoped the scheming was mostly on their side.

Yukina was frowning. “Lady Ayame. If we’re going to get the Koutetsujou’s parts in time, we should be going….”

“This will only take a minute.” Ayame nodded at Kurusu.

The samurai hid his sigh well. “Stay out of trouble.”

Yukina’s eyebrows jumped; she smothered a chuckle. Suzuki was silent, but shoulders shook under his steamsmith’s jacket.

Ikoma looked indignant. “I do!”

One blue-black brow slanted up. “Terrible form.”

6 thoughts on “Track of the Apocalypse Ch13 Ficbit – Dress-up

  1. Oh, man, the joys of Western people borrowing authentic Hi-no-Moto clothing from authentic Hi-no-Moto people.

    The good news is that anime people are a lot taller (and when female, bigger of bust and hip) than authentic historical Japanese people. So Sam could probably even wear a blouse if there were extras. But I bet SG-1 would still have a lot of leg showing between hem and sock. (Especially Teal’c.)

    I guess you could do that thing where you take some spare cloth, and bind it around your leg with cords or leather strings for that Saxon peasant look, just like most of the characters have on their lower legs for their samurai-jeans look. But SG-1 would have to do it a lot higher on their legs.

    OTOH, it is possible that those samurai jeans are basically created with a lot of extra cloth and one-size-fits-most, because the upper legs of most of the pants-wearers are not closely fitted. In that case, you might be able to tack on standard lengths and widths of material to the bottom of the pants, and hopefully in a matching standard color, like cream or indigo. And then you could return it to standard length pants pretty easily, as needed.

    But yeah, delving through used Japanese vintage clothing is bound to make most of us Westerners feel like we are huge and tall. Unless you are someone five-foot-nothing or below, in which case you might make out like a bandit.

    (And don’t let anyone make you feel guilty about appropriation. Vintage Japanese clothing is granny and grandpa’s closet, and they are getting sold off because granny and grandpa died. Keeping the clothing of the dead is regarded as pretty much guaranteed to bring on ghosts and possession and fun stuff like that, in non-Christian Japanese families. So it’s either the Western used clothing market, or making rag paper (which you can’t do with most 1920’s-1950’s fabrics) — or throwing it in the dumpster or a fire.)

    Which actually brings on another point. Possessions of the dead that aren’t things like swords or tools are often regarded as ritually impure in Shinto. Since stuff has to be reused in a survival situation, whether found or handed down, I suspect there’s some kind of quick ritual purification going on. Also, I bet there’s a thing where people transfer possession of their stuff before they die, so that they won’t technically be things that belonged to the dead person.

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    1. *G* Well, if you go by character looks in the anime there’s evidence for a lot of intermarrying between Japanese-ancestry and European-ancestry in evidence. (Kibito is a big guy, to name just one example.) So… Danny and Jack can get stuff that fits. Mostly. But they’re not used to stuff that ties!

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  2. Well, it also makes sense that Hi-no-Moto would have more room for arable land, meat animals, etc. The average height of Japanese, and the development of women, increased a lot when they started to have more protein available, and more food in general.

    But yes, there seems to be a lot more intermarriage of Europeans or Ainu, and probably other ethnic groups too. (One of the many sore points in real life is that Koreans are proud of being intermarried with Mongols, as well as a historic reluctance for Japanese to admit that their ancestors mostly were Koreans who emigrated.)

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