Backyard Wilderness

Yep. It’s Spot the Lizard time!

Find Lizard1

This should be a fun one….

Find Lizard1b

They’re sneaky. 😉

Except when they’re showing off.

Lizard Rain Rival

Ridge of skin puffed up, black under the eyes, dewlap puffed though not full out – this is an anole showing how Big and Bad he is. Check the background, you’ll see why this one was showing off.

And now, a shift in perspective….

Perspective Lizard

If your brain is going tilt on this pic – why yes. Yes that is the correct response. *EG*

And I’m lucky I got this next shot – the little ones move fast. Which makes sense, everything bigger is probably trying to eat them….

Tiny Lizard

Yes, the shot is pictured at about life-size!


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