Water and Wildlife

Water draws wildlife. Especially in the kind of heat we have in the summer.


Some critters obviously need it; dragonfly larvae are sometimes called “water tigers”.


And some are not as obvious.

Wall lizard7

I’ve caught the little lizards, and some of the bigger ones, drinking at the pool in the mornings. Don’t usually get a picture, though.

Bamboo Lizard1

So it looks like the ones out in the main yard either travel a ways to get to the pool, or possibly get their water from dew in the mornings. No way to be sure!


4 thoughts on “Water and Wildlife

  1. Those are beautiful photographs.

    Have I asked you what camera you use? I myself haven’t taken much photographs. Lately, the ones I’ve taken were of food and with my smartphone and it was always someone else’s idea.

    I did take a photography class in my senior year of high school. When did you start? What inspired you to take it up?

    Still scared that I committed a social faux pas in the previous post. Have I? I’m afraid to look. It was a long time before I wasn’t consistently afraid to look.

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    1. It’s just a little Nikon handheld I borrow from roommate when I take earring pics. Hoping once the current insanity dies down I can save enough to get my own camera. As for why I started – I like colors. No big reason beyond that. And once in a while I catch something neat.

      As for the previous post comment – when you’re stating facts like “I haven’t seen x in the news”, you do not need to apologize in advance. You never need to apologize for facts. IMHO a person presenting facts is stating “this is the info I have to work with”. If someone has more facts, or apparently contradictory facts, then they can bring those up to counterpoint. That’s what a discussion should be. Hope that helps.

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