Lizards and Beads

Lizard Peek2

This is a very busy, very stressful week, with writing only coming in fits and starts between the bouts of panic. Not so much panic attacks as a constant low-level, “…twitch. Twitch….” In brief: Dealing with last week, going to check out a possible rental place today (they won’t have openings until September, but if it looks good then we can at least get on the list), and Friday… heh. Friday I will have stitches. Hopefully that will handle one situation before it’s a medical emergency. Gah.

I’ve managed to keep doing bits on Oni the Lonely‘s rough draft; it’s currently at 18K. Rain and Kyosai have met a few times now, one time with a jatai involved. Hee. I want at least 50-60K for a full rough draft. It’s frustrating to write so slow when I know I can hit 1-2K words a day… when I’m not jumping out of my skin. But at least it’s going.

But with writing going so slowly, I haven’t gotten nearly as much Track written as I’d like. So, for today, lizards and beads. 🙂

Bamboo Lizard6

Technically that’s black bamboo – it turns black when it matures. This is a relatively young shoot, just up this year. The anoles are taking full advantage.

Lizard Peek3

Anything is a potential lizard-perch. Anything. You may be amused to know I was taking some dead leaves off a plant when Something landed on my arm. I yelped and flung, and only a second later realized I’d just tossed off a small (not tiny) lizard. Oy.

And the beads. 🙂

Celtic Knot12

Made this to try out a particular peyote stitch technique, haven’t had time to do more with that technique. Pretty, but not the kind of thing I usually wear. Anyone interested?

Beaded Celtic Knot Necklace.

4 thoughts on “Lizards and Beads

      1. I know you wrote something in 2001 at FFN’s sister site for orig fic. What else was there?


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