Track of the Apocalypse Ch13 Ficbit – Worry

They’d destroyed a Fused Colony! What was a crowd next to that? Kajika hadn’t felt anything like this when they’d hit the Shitori markets last time-

And… if Sukari was worried about hordes, why was he watching the crowds, instead of the walls?

Unless he wasn’t worried about Kabane at all. Because last time they’d torn through Shitori’s markets had been before Biba the Liberator had made his triumphant march down the rails; days before he’d shown them all just how effective walls were when the enemy was already inside. And even though his Hunters were gone, she could still see the glitter of flames in angry, terrified eyes, as the mob of Kongokaku started forward to burn them all….

It’s over. Lady Ayame stopped them. They’re just people now. Scared, angry people.

And what would happen, a shivering corner of Kajika’s mind whispered, if the folk of Shitori were ever that terrified?

“We’re hemmed in.” Sukari kept walking, cool and calm as if he were trading out a cylinder in the face of a horde. “It’s not safe.” The blond gave them all one of his plotting half-smiles. “But we have a secret weapon.” He nodded at Hozumi. “If we were trapped, you’d show us the best way to get out. Even if it went over roofs.”

“Of course!” Hozumi straightened, eyes proud and determined. “That’s your bodyguard’s job.”

Kajika breathed out, relieved. Sukari was right. They might not be armed, not really; but Hozumi was always a Kabaneri. “Good. We trust you to get us all home safe.”

For a moment, Sukari shaded his eyes, like he wanted a better look at the manor. “Let’s hope we all get back safe.”

7 thoughts on “Track of the Apocalypse Ch13 Ficbit – Worry

  1. Whoa. Guys, really, it’s just a market run. You’re acting like a swallowed hayajiro could smash through the walls at any second with no warning, Chill. The station is safe. Relax before you give yourselves heart attacks over pure paranoia.

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    1. They are “young enough to look at, but far too old to see”.

      In a more conventional mil sci fi story, this is where an infantry unit that has seen way too much combat is on leave in a nice, quiet civilian safe area. Not quite as bad as the example in Drake’s Redliners, but trying to communicate some of the same things.

      Says the fellow whose bunnies provided the instructions: “Use ‘Veteran of the Psychic Wars’ for Asuna in this. In addition to a Fairy Dance replacement, you can also use this plot also as a replacement for the Kyouko/Asuna stuff in Mother’s Rosario.” In some cultures, commanders can wind up messed up in ways that do not bother the ordinary followers. We don’t exactly have a lot of anecdotal evidence for modern Japanese combat commanders, so it is open to interpretation.

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  2. Ladies and Gentlemen,
    I have learned that Marvel made a Sledge Hammer comic.

    I move that Sledge Hammer, and your favorite versions of GI, Transformers, and anything else that fits, should be considered part of MCU canon. What say ye?


  3. There is a fix that was just posted on AO3 that credits you with inspired world building. Nothing more than inspiration in it, about the level of incorporating a bit of folklore, but they did want to make sure you were known. I primarily found the announcement on tumblr where they admit they would have @ to you if had a similar platform. As I don’t believe that you do, I thought I’d let you know here.

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