Track of the Apocalypse Ch13 Ficbit – Nue Problems

And now Dogen was listening, Daniel realized. There’s something Ayame didn’t tell him? Oh boy.

“The Hunters believe Fused Colonies form when one rare Kabane, a Nue, is created among a horde,” Kurusu went on. “From what witnesses have seen, the Kabane steel reaches out of them, and bodies begin to fly toward them. Then the mass moves as one being, to hunt and stalk; or to come over station walls, as one did at Yashiro.”

“And Kongokaku,” Minister Yamazaki stated.

Kurusu shook his head minutely, blue eyes cold. “Biba created that Nue inside Kongokaku.”

Dogen sat bolt upright, eyes flashing. But the Elder held himself silent, lips pressed into a thin, pale line.

Daniel kept his own gulp quiet, even as Jack twitched in a way that said the colonel was swearing under his breath. Ayame had kept this under her hat? How?

Why, he could guess already. Bad enough to think stations were safe, then suddenly find out they weren’t. If Hi-no-Moto’s enemies went from Kabane hordes to multiple Fused Colonies-

They’d all be dead. The only question would be how fast.

“The researcher was… sparse in details, and I was pressed for time,” Kurusu noted. “He said they had created a serum, the Black Blood, from something of the Kabane Biba had captured.” He breathed out, a pattern of calm. “We are fortunate. It proved difficult for them to manufacture, and any remaining doses went up with the Kokujou.”

Blew up with the Kokujou was being used to sweep a lot of mess under the rug, Daniel thought, bemused. Then again, it looked like Ikoma had had very good reasons to blow it up. Even if he’d done it by accident.

Note to self: Stand way back if Ikoma gets any C-4.


24 thoughts on “Track of the Apocalypse Ch13 Ficbit – Nue Problems

      1. The more “innocent” you get the more nervous I get. *squints suspiciously* …ignore the smell of popcorn, it isn’t like I like the booms or anything. >.>

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  1. Hmm, I have to admit, I’m a little confused by something. From what we saw in-series, Ma’chello’s most dangerous weapons were booby traps. Nasty as those were and as he was, turning an entire race into a zombie horde seems like too much even for him. Which makes me think someone played around with his booby trap to win a war with the shogun – and the Kabane were the unintended, unwanted result.

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    1. What we saw in-series were the booby traps Ma’chello left behind, yes. The one time the team talks to him he makes it clear he’s spent well over a century fighting the Goa’uld and making weapons to use against them. Unfortunately, the locations of those weapons are only listed in his coded notebook… and the SGC was unable to break the code.

      *G* In my story notes I have it worked out exactly how he thought he’d make a planet-wide, then universe-wide “booby trap”. It… didn’t work that way.

      Here’s info from Arduinna’s Stargate Guide,
      Info with episodes noted.


      Very old — older than Teal’c. He was a fugitive from the System Lords, and had been since before Teal’c was born (ca. 1899). (Holiday)

      He fought the Goa’uld for fifty years before his wife, who had been turned into a host without him realizing it, betrayed him to the System Lords. (Holiday)

      He was developing/had developed advanced technology to fight the Goa’uld. He was successful enough that the System Lords marked him down as a host after they captured and tortured him, so his knowledge wouldn’t be lost. Before he could be implanted, he killed several Jaffa and escaped. (Holiday)

      After his escape he continued to fight the System Lords, and believed that he had kept several from attacking and destroying Earth. (Holiday)

      When SG-1 discovered his world and him, he saw a chance to hide his face for good, and switched bodies with Daniel. He truly believed that he was owed a body by someone, after fighting so long against the Goa’uld. (Holiday)

      He died of pulmonary failure (probably — he’d been suffering pulmonary damage) after a bout of body-switching. (Holiday)

      He kept a database of all his inventions, written in a code he developed himself. The code used Latin and Greek alphabets (similar to Ma’chello’s native language) to form the words, but the language itself was completely original, with no clear sentence structure to analyze. He designed it specifically to keep his knowledge from falling into enemy hands. (Holiday)

      Everything from his lab was carted back to Area 51 and cataloged. (Legacy)”

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      1. Thanks for the refresher – I need to rewatch that episode! 😃 Universe-wide…. Yikes! I’m with Jack, Ma’chello didn’t die hard enough.

        Oh, I’ve been meaning to ask, is there a second season of “Kabaneri” in the works? The “Unato” film doesn’t appear to solve the Kabane issue, and the series doesn’t settle it either. Is there an ongoing manga, an upcoming season that’s been delayed, or was it just a one-and-done series?

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