Track of the Apocalypse Ch13 Ficbit – Briefing

“Hmm.” From that slight tilt of Yamazaki’s head, the minister was filing that for future consideration. “And where is this… creature, of Biba’s?”

And we’re back to classing doubtful people as Kabane again, Daniel thought ruefully. Ouch…. Uh-oh. I don’t like that smile.

Dogen regarded Kurusu, and Ayame, and made no effort to hide the approval in narrowed eyes. “The men Kurusu led against the Fused Colony were few in number. It would seem that once they entered the chaos of Kongokaku, Biba’s researcher no longer felt the need of their protection.”

Daniel winced. Because yeah, he’d heard plenty of Marine and airman humor, and the jokes cracked by people who’d dodged one too many staff blasts could be dark. But the vicious satisfaction as Dogen contemplated a man left to his death among Kabane hordes – he hoped he never understood that.

But I do, don’t I? The Goa’uld took away my home, my family. Sometimes I want to see them all burn.

“It is possible,” the way Kurusu stressed the word, he seriously doubted it, “that he found another way to escape. But it is unlikely he left Kongokaku alive. The Koutetsujou barely made it out before the bridges collapsed behind us.”

“Collapsed?” Yamazaki echoed in disbelief. “Surely, the city of Kongokaku was more strongly built than that!”

“The Fused Colony and the hordes did a great deal of damage,” Ayame reported. “And the explosion of the Kokujou did more. We felt the impact even half a city away.”

That must’ve been a heck of a boom- gack. Fusion engine. And it blew up?

From the look on Yamazaki’s face, he believed that would have been enough of a boom. Eep.

A/N: Yep, it was a Big Boom. Mind, I don’t know if that’s why the bridges suddenly started collapsing, but it seems as good an explanation as any.


15 thoughts on “Track of the Apocalypse Ch13 Ficbit – Briefing

  1. Load Bearing Boss?

    More seriously, I do like the idea that a fusion detonation caused enough of a shear in the city that the Kotestujou running over the rails getting out finished the job. Big heavy cars that it has, that would be a lot of vibration hitting the rails it’s on, and might have been the final trigger to domino the whole thing.

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    1. It’s also possible they were designed that way on purpose. A final defense if the attack is too great, the bridges will fall… they just expected the attack to be from the outside, not the inside.

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      1. I was always under the impression that the Hunters intentionally sabotaged the tracks on most of the routes, leaving only one way out(the one Uryuu gave the Kotetsujou in return for passage out for his squad) and that one way out was rigged so it would collapse as the Kokujou left to prevent pursuit and trap any other survivors in Kabane hell

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  2. Oooh. I have some ideas about what I understand of bridge design, and collapses.

    And I’m in or sliding into a mental state that probably is not going to permit thinking soundly.

    Thank you.

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  3. as far as bridges go, building a bridge that will survive a close earthquake of any magnitude is still an uncertain prospect today, when the bridge is intact. If it had been damaged at all, sideways waves will magnify that damage. Putting any weight on it afterwards quickly leads to things falling apart. Bridges are not structures that can usually take a lot of falling appart, because everything rests on everything else..and therefore depends on everything else.

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  4. Hi! Is this series canceled? Just to be clear this isn’t “wHeN WiLl ThIs UpDaTe?!” because while I’m not as skilled as you I AM a fanfic writer myself and I know how irritating that can get, just a genuine question as to whether it’s still in the works, since it HAS been more than two years.


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