2020: Double-Barreled

*Eyes tropical storm forecast maps.* Okay, I know I said 2020 has been like looking down a double-barreled shotgun, but this is a bit much.

TS Laura, and predicted to be TS Marco, both predicted to hit at least force 1 and make landfall roughly in this vicinity, somewhere around Wednesday the 26th.

Local weatherman: “This is something I’ve never seen before in all my time tracking tropical systems.”

No, neither have I. And I still remember the hurricane season where we had no less than four named storms in a row lined up coming across the Atlantic. Oy.

It may amuse you to know the local emergency center’s reaction (on the evening news, no less!) is pretty much: “Well, yeah. 2020. Why not two hurricanes at once? *Shrug*. Sand for sandbags is at these locations, stock up on canned food and water, take in any lawn furniture that might go flying – you guys know the drill by now….”

As in, between the Covid lockdowns, the mass protests, the massive job losses, and the whole rest of the year, the energy to panic is preeeetty thin on the ground around here.

My personal reaction? “ZZzzzzsnore.”

No, really. I’m way too tired to panic. In part because I spent a lot of last week chasing down paperwork, and a lot of yesterday contacting no less than seven different organizations to inform them Such-and-Such is deceased, what paperwork do you need to make that official?

Scan this. Fax that. Provide such-and-such info; all of which, thankfully, I had, due to long habits of shoving Important Documents into known – labeled! – fileboxes. So that even if I ran out of time to organize things, I at least knew where to look.

Yesterday was a loooooong day.

But I figured it was better to put in a long day and have as much as possible done before Mother Nature decided to work us over with a football bat. Oof.

One more set of paperwork to collect this morning, so hopefully we can fill that out and get it in the mail by Monday at the latest. And still beat the tropical storm mess.

*Flops* After that, I’m going to get some music. Maybe Jimmy Buffett, that’d fit…. 😉


26 thoughts on “2020: Double-Barreled

  1. Ugggggh.

    This is a good prayer against storms. I’m not much on the ones that tell God what to do, and this is the one I prayed during the tornado the other year. (This one reminds the world that it’s supposed to be serving God, and then you get a general threat for the baddies. All without the individual claiming any power himself, because it’s for laypeople and not priests.)The plus signs are where you make the Sign of the Cross.

    Jesus Christ, a King of Glory, has come in peace. +
    God became man, +
    and the Word was made flesh. +
    Christ was born of a virgin. +
    Christ suffered. +
    Christ was crucified. +
    Christ died. +
    Christ rose from the dead. +
    Christ ascended into Heaven. +
    Christ conquers. +
    Christ reigns. +
    Christ orders. +
    May Christ protect us from all storms and lightning. +

    Christ went through their midst in Peace, +
    and the Word was made Flesh. +
    Christ is with us, with Mary. +

    Flee, you enemy spirits, because the Lion of the Generation of Judah, the Root of David, has won. +

    Holy God! +
    Holy Mighty God ! +
    Holy Immortal God! +
    Have mercy on us. Amen!

    The newer storm prayer from after Vatican II will perhaps illustrate the annoying attempts at changing Catholic culture to be modern, but I guess it’s still okay as a prayer. It’s just not much comfort against multiple tornadoes.

    Graciously hear us, O Lord, when we call upon You,
    and grant unto our supplications a calm atmosphere,
    that we, who are justly afflicted for our sins,
    may, by Your protecting mercy, experience pardon.
    Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

    Other useful things to have are a “thunder candle” (a candle blessed on Candlemas – it’s a Polish thing, they light them during bad storms as a votive candle, and that’s why Polish people get the giant jar candles blessed) or your palm leaves from Palm Sunday (you’ve probably seen them on the wall in most Catholic households, even if people don’t remember they’re supposed to be protective of houses and people). I mean, yes, they are just sacramentals, but hey, they’re sacramentals. Blessings are good.

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    1. Actually, I think my explanation was not good. The point is that, if you are Christian, you believe that Christ did not just die and rise to redeem humans, but also to help the fallenness of the world caused by Adam, and eventually at the end of the world, to remake Creation to be unfallen and better than ever. So the prayer actually is reminding the world that it’s not as fallen as it used to be, and that better days are coming. Thus the brief retellling of the salvation story.

      It is possible to push this line of reasoning a bit too far, or to find traditional prayers that refer to Biblical stories that probably didn’t actually happen. So you find a lot of anthropological scholars that are sure that certain things are “spells”, whereas literary or Christian scholars tend to record them as “prayers” unless they are clearly meant to be occult. There’s a great collection of traditional Highland and Hebrides Scottish material whose Victorian editor is very bad about this; seriously, some of the “spells” are exactly like “Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John/Bless the bed that I lie on,” except in Scottish Gaelic.

      Anyhoo, given how much loss of control we have all suffered in the last few months, I thought folks might appreciate seeing/having an action/adventure prayer.

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      1. Ooohh, do you have a written version of the Chant? (As in, chant notation and/or sheet music?) And if you do could I get my hands on it pretty please? 😀 I love St. Patrick’s breastplate, but aside from using standard Psalm tones I’ve never been able to find music for it. (Dreadful modern songs based on the prayer don’t count.)

        And oh, man, Vathara. O_O My grandpa recently introduced me to the phrase “Murphy was an optimist.” Supposed to mean he was an optimist whom the world cheerfully steamrollered, but… sounds like you might need it.

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      2. Sadly, no, I only read vanilla English, not music. I use my best memory of one of the gazillion Irish groups my mom has records for.

        Sounds like this, but with less uP And DOwn in the individual words. (No, I don’t know the right word for multiple notes in one word.)

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      3. The version I use is something like:

        “I bind unto myself this day,
        the proud name of the Trinity
        by invocation of the same,
        the Three in One and One in Three.
        Christ before me,
        Christ behind me,
        Christ above me,
        Christ below me,
        Christ beside me,
        Christ within me,
        Christ to comfort and guard me.”

        Usually when I’m freaking out because gosh it’s DARK how SCARY. (I may have slight control issues.)

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      4. I should work on that.

        I’m not… exactly sure how to pray about “But what if I should be able to do something about it, and I’m just not doing enough/the right thing?” except to start with asking for help with doing enough/the right thing about the stuff that isn’t even a what-if.

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      5. I’m a bad person to ask on that– it’s probably because of that joke/poem about the prayin’est prayer I ever said, but at some point I decided if I didn’t know how to ask Him about something, just do it.

        Trying to find the right words does part of the job of praying in working to get you closer to Him, but if that doesn’t work, I get a lot of emotional help out of going “God, I want this, this and this. If that’s good, please help me figure out what I need to do; if that’s not good, please help me figure that out, and fix it.”

        I still spend a lot of time reminding myself that I did ask to help, so sometimes the stuff that REALLY SUCKS is because I get to help somebody else, and because it’s Him it’ll really help. (which helps my mind get in the right place, not sure if it’ll help you)

        I’ve also been known to pray, very fervently and respectfully, “oh, God; oh, God; oh, God; oh, God…”
        Because He knows, after all, and if that’s all the spoons you’ve got…..

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      6. Mine was “first child is crawling, escaped baby-gate, got halfway up the stairs, and just involuntarily descended to the cement entry-way in the course of maybe two seconds.”

        For bonus points, I screamed it into the ear of the priest who was giving us the run-around on baptism because he’s in charge of my aunt’s parish, and she leads the “Irish culture” group vs his “African culture” group on how things will be run.

        The weirdly funny thing is, after I informed him that the baby had just fallen down the stairs and hung up, he apparently sat down and wrote out the paperwork certifying she was a parishioner and thus could be Godmother. Which I am not complaining about.

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  2. Scan this. Fax that. Provide such-and-such info; all of which, thankfully, I had, due to long habits of shoving Important Documents into known – labeled! – fileboxes. So that even if I ran out of time to organize things, I at least knew where to look.

    And the stuff was actually there? At least once?

    That’s a solid win!

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      1. Well, the good news is that we’ve finished all the paperwork we can do for the moment?

        Stuff’s in at the lawyer, other relatives need to reply (or not) to Official Documents… I think we’re done on that front for about the next 2 weeks. Which will hopefully be long enough for Mother Nature to throw this snit and get over it.

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  3. People are known to have a cap they can’t go above when it comes to panic. Panic too long and you just get used to the situation until it doesn’t even register… I can picture how people would get to the point where they shrug off two hurricanes at once when they have had such a stressful year already… Here’s to hoping it won’t mess up things even worse for you, hang in there!

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