Systems Fanfic Bit – Running

A/N: So far this is still working, so….

Running lets him not think. Just push himself. Harder. Faster. Longer. It’s as close as he can get to flying.

And the missions get more complicated, more intense. He doesn’t want to fumble a simple shot because he’s too tired.

(The runs get longer. Hiroto doesn’t notice, until he starts checking his watch not to be late. There’s a lot to not think about.)

He doesn’t miss a shot. Too bad the same can’t be said of his… party members. They’re not a team. May doesn’t know how to fight in a group; Parviz is totally inexperienced. Only time and more missions will fix those.

Kazami… Kazami is frustrating. Because the man knows how group fights work, but every time he sees a chance to show off his tactics go right out the window.

Kazami’s old team leader is totally right to call Hiroto out, though. Hiroto hates that. But more than that, he hates himself. Because the missions are important, and if he can’t count on the others to use the best tactics he should at least tell them what he’s going to do. He used to be able to do that. He used to be able to talk to people.

(But there’s a hole in his heart where Eve’s smile should be, and sometimes it feels like every word has to claw its way out of that abyss.)

It’s easier just to lean into the sharpness of the Story Mission. He has to be sharp. There are more sounds, more debris and birds flying through their vision, even more scents, than any ordinary GBN mission. Hiroto has to filter it all; what’s important, what’s not, what are new sensory cues to enemies GBN has never had before. It’s a challenge.

(Already Created Missions seem too… easy isn’t the right word. Too simple; that’s closer. Not as much messy environmental data coming at them. Not nearly as much tricky sensitivity in his Core Gundam’s controls.

And he doesn’t get tired. It’s like walking on a treadmill, instead of running up a hill. It’s not enough.)

9 thoughts on “Systems Fanfic Bit – Running

  1. I really wish I’d gotten this far in the shows so far, so that I could say something besides excited squeaking for more of your work. But rest assured, there is much excited squeaking.

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      1. /Er, warning, it does have some spoilers for eps 9 and 10. /
        Bah, half the reason I even bother looking at some anime is because you’ve brought my attention to it via fanworks. And I’m working thorugh my to-read/to-watch backlog anyway so this will just be another title in the pile.

        Though I admit sometimes I have been disappointed because the original setting doesn’t match up to what a fanfic-writer made. 😛

        Prime example would be GATE or Familiar of Zero. There are some good and enjoyable fanfics of both setting but the original stories? Less then enjoyable.

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      2. Agreed. I’m almost assuredly not going to watch any Gundam series, but I’ll still read what Vathara writes because of how good her stories are. She’s managed to make series that I have seen, and didn’t like, end up being fun to read. (I find SG1 too annoying to watch, but I like most of the crossover stuff involving it that Vathara has written, including the SG1/Gundam crossover)

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      3. When it comes to watching shows that I know have cringe – Rick and Morty comes to mind – I’ve found them a lot more bearable if I watch them at double speed. My reading comprehension speed is decently high, though, so that helps.



  2. Had an attack of nerves today, and have gotten myself out of some depression that may have followed.

    Needless to say, little progress in catching up on my Re:Rise.

    Still in ‘clouds of setting fluff’ mode. May have figured out one of my OCs in WIP better.

    Resisting the urge to further complicate WIP with unrelated things.

    Have a particular bit of setting fluff that may be starting to cohere. I nearly complained about it the other day, the basic problem with plotting it is that I have no idea who Ritsuka Fujimaru is. I’ve since invented a version that seems interesting, but “is disappointed that she never meets Chesty Puller” does not make an interesting plot for this.

    Seeing Magi and Book of Friends in your recently added bookmarks has me wondering if it would even make sense for Reiko to have robbed the name of one or more Djinn.

    Sleep is good.

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