Systems, Update Fanfic Up on AO3

All of Systems, Update is now up on Archive of Our Own. For now this is going to stay a one-shot; I needed to write something relatively short and light on plot to try and coax my brain into moving again. Even this bit took a few days. Because paperwork. *Twitch. Twitch.*

But I think we’ve got the paperwork nailed down for at least the next week and a half, so hopefully the plotbunnies will feel more cooperative. My brain feels less distracted, not nearly so much “looking at the world through glass” as Friday.

That’s important, because I find you need a solid grip on current reality to write good fiction. Not so much politics and current events. More, being able to feel the reality of the environment you’re in, and the interactions of the real people around you. How can you write witty banter if you don’t have a clue what a purely ordinary conversation feels like? How can you write the perils of a desperate scientist chasing an infectious alien through Antarctica if you’ve never felt so much as a frosty morning bite your lungs?

You do your research, use your imagination, and turn everything up to 11, yes. But that works better if you have even the tiniest bits of reality to start building from. Meaning you need to exist within that reality.

Writing, as one wag put it, is easy; you just take a piece of paper and open a vein. If you’re already in too much pain to do that, if you can’t connect with reality without wanting to pull covers over your head, maybe the words can wait. If you want to write, you generally want to keep writing – and if you want that, you don’t want to burn out. If reality is just too much at the moment… maybe your mind needs a splint, not an ultramarathon.

Think I’m at least splinted for the moment. Going to try and gently reel the bunnies back in to the works-in-progress. They’ve gone some odd places.

…Although if they finally give me an end scene for Whispers of Fire so I can finish that fic, I wouldn’t complain!


30 thoughts on “Systems, Update Fanfic Up on AO3

  1. Thanks.

    Looking forward to it.

    The AO3 blurb says only spoilers through 12, which I have almost reached. So I can comment in a reasonable period of time.

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  2. I haven’t gotten into this series yet, but is it just these four who have linked avatars/eidolons in both worlds, or is that something anyone can do? Can they transfer resources across the dimensional boundary?

    That last question, if answered ‘yes’, opens up all sorts of possibilities. Even if there’s a low mass ceiling on what can be transferred, plenty of resources are valuable in tiny amounts. Spices, ores, materials with exotic properties . . . even if it’s only ‘bodies’ that are affected, I’d expect scientists to experiment to see if they can spoof the definition of a ‘body’. Swallow a gem, come back to earth, throw it up or excrete it out.

    And even if that doesn’t work, the prospect of doing physical therapy via one’s avatar and have it stick in our world is itself valuable. Give me a couple hours a day of Breath of the Wild exploration/exertion that exercises my own body? _HELL YES_, and I’m merely someone who hates my flab slightly more than I hate exercise. Patients with actual muscle atrophy would benefit far more than me.

    Hm. Might be a novel/series in there. Especially if there’s temptation to stay in the other world, or try to recreate abilities here.


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    1. Spoiler alert, all the spoilers: There is one more.

      Thing is, you have to be summoned from GBN by someone on Eldora, using some tech that almost no one knows how to work anymore. And there’s a practical limit to how many people that tech can support. In the future they might be able to up that limit, but that’d take a lot of work with Cuadorn if it’s even possible.

      (Freddie got lucky. And… kind of got the foursome there by accident.)

      So far as we know, the only thing that transmits back and forth are effects on the body and mind. There’s apparently faster-than-light info transfer involved.

      I second the “would be awesome!” on physical therapy via avatar. If you watch through ep 13, you’ll see why.

      And heh. Kazami and Maiya, we’ll see how they work out….


      1. Oooh, tech-based summoning! Someone brings back images via hypnosis or something, tries to reverse-engineer. A couple of years later, people are passing around bootleg blueprints for a 3D printer design that can plug into your VR rig for ‘a more authentic experience’. As fads go, it dies out quickly aside from some hard-core types, because it turns out that adventure is _someone else_ having a miserable time a thousand miles away, but a few do genuinely stick with it.

        Meanwhile, on the other world, the summoned champions are treated like djinn or fae: Powerful, unpredictable, nigh-immortal, but controllable via the correct formula. And then people start to figure out the hacks (or hex, if you will) by which the immortal can be imprisoned or even slain . . .


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      2. /I second the “would be awesome!” on physical therapy via avatar. If you watch through ep 13, you’ll see why. /
        Of course you’d probably get better results if your avatar is closer in appearance to your real body. Call me crazy but I’ve got the feeling Kazami is not built like his character design IRL nor does Parviz have a long fluffy tail and ears.

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      3. /*Cackles* /
        -Waves rolled up newspaper-
        Bad author. You already got your chimeric/extensive physical alterations via sufficiently advanced/magic-based VR fix in Monstrous Compendium Online.

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      4. /No, no, it’s just… watch ep 13. Seriously. *G*/
        Yes, just some slight differences.
        -Gets to episode 25-
        Two thoughts.
        Meta-level: You came to the wrong neighborhood buddy.
        Likely thoughts of all GBN players: Surprise limited-time event! Load the premium ammo boys and girls, it’s farming time!

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      5. /For Alus, this is gonna suck…./
        Beyond all possible comprehension. I mean the poor glitching AI brought capital ships to a fight in a Gundam setting. I barely follow the franchise and even I know that when mobile suits (much less Gundams) get involved, by and large there are only two fates for capital ships.

        One: They violently exit existence in an earth-shattering kaboom the second an MS pokes them with even the most basic weapon (unless another MS is protecting them) while being extremely lucky to even damage a single MS.

        Two: they act as transports/mobile bases hauling mobile suits around while providing settings for the main caste to socially interact.

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    1. *G* I got stuck in the middle of chapter 14 because I couldn’t figure out how the story ended – I know Alibaba wants to go off on more adventures, but I could not piece together how to do that and save Balbadd.

      Now? I have a few fragments. I think I can see how to pull it together.

      Poor Kougyoku. The execution/duel she anticipates is going to go… in a direction she never, ever expected.

      (On the bright side, marrying Abhmad is definitely off the table, so Judar will be Very Happy.)

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      1. If Cassim cursing at paperwork is foreshadowing for him becoming ruler and suddenly getting _all_ the paperwork, I will laugh like Judar.

        Blatant attempt to appeal to your bunnies: Have Alibaba go in to the dungeon with Cassim and help him reach the djinn there. Gets Alibaba out of the way for a while longer so that the Kou can’t execute him. Also, if Amon knows then he can show up in the djinn chamber and have a chat with his king, maybe explain that the Djinn don’t really trust themselves with the power that they wrecked Alma Torran with, so while he’s happy to act as a sounding board he’d really prefer that Alibaba not second-guess himself.

        Plus, if Cassim is going into a dungeon, he could use someone who is fluent in Tran. Not only that, all the things Alibaba says that a ruler needs and he doesn’t have? The hardness and ruthlessness to be fair to people outside one’s Dunbar sets, even at the expense of one’s own personal in-group? Cassim still shows too much in-group preference, but he’s learning how supply-side economics really does act as the tide that floats all boats.

        And once he learns that Al-Thamen is behind the plagues and increased poverty of Balbadd’s poor sections, he’ll go after them with a viciousness that should feed Judar a steady diet of chaos and war. Plus, a healthy economy is genuinely chaotic at the personal level, with the prosperous unable to enforce monopolies that strangle the prospects of others.

        Leaving Alibaba, Morgiana, and Aladdin free to go have their noblebright adventures while screwing with Al-Thamen on an international scope.


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      2. Cassim has one of the magi paying attention to him. I assume that if Judar wants to make him a king, as he flat-out suggested, he’ll either find a Dungeon or raise one on the spot.

        The latter would also give the silk watersprout reason to charge in, opening the possibility of joining the party after sufficient shenanigans, which would hopefully thin her troops a bit as well.


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      3. Hmm. Is an option, but… Judar wants to see about heading off marriage to Abhmad first.

        Though, granted, given what’s going to come out when Alibaba shows up, a dungeon might be very next on the to-do-list….


  3. Speaking of fanfic, I had a bad thought regarding “Track of the Apocalypse.” The ‘Gate’s not exactly quiet when it opens. Neither is a UAV. And the SGC’s going to have to send *some* kind of equipment through the ‘Gate in an effort to make radio contact with SG-1, so…..

    How likely is it that the relatively frequent ‘Gate activity has the horde(s) in Keishi wide awake and agitated – or roaming around in search of sustenance? I’m sure the Iris can keep them off of Earth, but for Tenka, this could be *really* bad news.

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      1. The pros and cons of being in command; you have access to all the toys, but you occasionally have to *wait* for on-the-ground info. Hope he got some good video/photographs of the horde(s) for posterity from the UAV. Don’t want Senator Kinsey getting any ideas…..

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