A Brief Note on Stress and Fanfics

My nerves are still in twitch mode. We’ve had letters and people falling out of the woodwork, in some cases related to persons none of us have seen in over a quarter of a century.  (And still don’t want to see. It’s safer that way.)

So rather than push things on Track and risk screwing it up horribly, I’m frankly writing anything my brain is willing to handle.

At the moment, believe it or not, the plotbunnies have targeted finishing off Whispers of Fire.

I finally have a good sense of the end scene/how everything falls out after Alibaba and Kougyoku square off. With Cassim, Judar, Ithnan, and who knows who else sticking their particular oars in. It’s going to be a mess. An impressive, widespread, facepalming mess.

Let’s just say, if Kou does end up with Balbadd, they may regret it. Al-Thamen will definitely regret it.

(As far as Sinbad regretting anything – Ja’far is going to say “I told you so.” That, and, “You deserved this.”)


19 thoughts on “A Brief Note on Stress and Fanfics

      1. I don’t want to be encouraging you to undergo more stress, but at the same time I’m delighted to know that the two Magi fics are geting more attention.

        Not that I want to see Track languish either, of course!

        I wish I could offer a wardrobe to Narnia, so that you could vacation/write without losing time or lifespan over here.


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      2. I will get Track going again, but ATM my brain is going, “Practical stuff? No! Hiss! We want shiny crazy out of this world!”

        …You’ll see some of the crazy on Tuesday.

        I am hoping that if I just keep exercising my brain writing stuff, it’ll get back into the groove for Track when I’m feeling a bit less fraught. Thing is the next bit with Daniel has political maneuvering, and given I’m currently dealing with too much of that from relatives IRL, eep.

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  1. /It’s going to be a mess. An impressive, widespread, facepalming mess./

    Alibaba = Mess

    Aladdin = Potential Mess looking for a place to happen

    Sinbad = Self-Actualized Mess transcending the concept of ‘mess’

    Alibaba + Sinbad + Aladdin == Mess^Mess, mess to the mess power

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  2. Jeeze, and I was impressed with the cousins showing up for my sister’s funeral who hadn’t said two words to us since grandma’s funeral.

    Letters, and two and a half times that long? Whoof!

    (Ending the story– They still didn’t say two words to almost anybody, but they showed up and spoke to BOTH non-local siblings!)

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    1. Ha. Hah ha. You might appreciate, then. ‘Twas not even a relative in one case – ’twas an insurance company I’d never heard of asking if we had such -not-seen-in-quarter-century relative’s contact info, to ask him to get in touch with them.

      Me and Sib: “Cold day in hell…..”

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  3. I am ridiculously excited to hear that some inspiration for whispers of fire has struck. I’m sorry it came from crazy stress, but I’m definitely not going to complain!! I hope things calm down for you soon, the world in general is crazy enough right now, I hate to think you are having to deal with even more after everything you already had to deal with this year. Keep breathing and remember to take care of you!

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