Nineteen Years After

I was in a campus computer lab, studying interrupts. Didn’t find out until hours later, when I was wondering why it was so oddly quiet – couldn’t hear any airplanes.

I distinctly recall that my first reaction when I found out about the Towers was shock. “What? Why?”

I spent years researching in my free time for “why”, because nothing on the news sounded right. The events I’d seen just… didn’t match what the mainstream media stated as “must be the cause”. Worse, they didn’t fit what I knew about human nature.

(I grant you I have a darker view of human nature than most people. You grow up around Cluster B personality disordered types, that happens.)

What it did seem to fit was what I remembered about the Middle East from Airwolf – yes, I was old enough to see the original TV run. So I got my hands on the eps again.

…The difference in how Hollywood portrays the area and culture between the early 80s and 2000 on is stark. And you don’t just see it in Airwolf. The Rockford Files had at least a few eps dealing with oil sheikhs and their various disregard for the law, etc.

I honestly wonder what happened between the 80s and now that Hollywood lost so much touch with reality.

Which is a long and roundabout way of saying today hurts, September 11th will always hurt. And part of that hurt, for me, is the feeling we were betrayed (and continue to be betrayed) by our own mainstream media storytellers. Hollywood decided the world was a more lucrative market than just the U.S., and shaped their stories to appeal to audiences… some of whom, too many of whom, are lethally hostile to this country.

I’d call it biting the hand that feeds, but Hollywood seems to think there will always be more hands out there.

I’ll never be able to take more than a support role; too much damage, taken over too long. But I can write honestly; about what I see, about what Evil is, about what good people are willing to do to stop it.

So I will.


13 thoughts on “Nineteen Years After

  1. And you do a good job of that. Your writing is a good example of “Fairy tales tell children the dragons can be killed”, but they also are a good job of “Fairy tales remind the adults what the dragons actually are, since they forget what they knew when they were children.”

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      1. And frequently the dragons are mixed in with a pile of “dragons”, and telling the difference is critical too. A semi-domesticated dragon is very different from a feral rabid dragon on a rampage.

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  2. (I grant you I have a darker view of human nature than most people. You grow up around Cluster B personality disordered types, that happens.)

    *mental goes through some checklists, double-checks Cluster B*

    You know, that’s actually a really good standing-on-one-foot summary to understand Middle Eastern cultural disfunctions.

    I would guess that some of the dabblers in the House of Saud* decided to do the carrot and stick routine to puff up the middle east, kind of like how Iran puffs up Persian stuff and dictator-run Turkey likes buying ads for being the new Ottoman Empire. Plus, of course, China and Russia doing their thing.

    Be interesting to see what shows up now that there’s more direct purchasing power; could make a very good living making movies that American type people actually want to watch.

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    1. Forgot my foot-note:

      * The House of Saud is really, really, really big. Like, thousands of guys are princes big. There are about two thousand princes and princesses who are rich and connected enough to be a pain, but this is important to remember when someone talks about “A Saudi Prince did _____” and they conclude that means the entire house agrees.

      The king had like 40 sons, who all had sons of their own, and some of those guys are as old as my dad or older so there’s great and great-great grandsons in the mix. I THINK the dumb enough to get caught terror guys are grandsons or great-grandsons who were in their 20s in the early 90s?

      I can’t see anything obviously wrong in this very simplified royal family tree, to help get an idea of what kind of a mess this is:

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  3. Have you read John Ringo’s The Last Centurion? At one point Bandit Six goes into oil-rich Muslims buying influence with American media.

    The notorious availability of child sex slaves in the Islamic Middle East likely helps them curry influence with US legacy media types and politicians as well.


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    1. I stand by a quote from John Ringo. I forget the exact Aldenata Legacy book, but it was something like”America has had tremendous triumphs and unity as a result of freedom, but we have harbored poisonous snakes at our breast as well that would destroy that unity”, or something among those lines.
      I consider that a harsh truth that 9/11 taught us, that many have forgot. I first saw that attitude in 2005, when I had to work that day. No one other than me stopped at the time, and it wasn’t even announced like every time before it. “Never Forget” was the promise broken just 5 years after being made.

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      1. There’s always someone who wants what they really shouldn’t have, and doesn’t see why Mere Custom/Laws should stop them, because they’re special.

        No. They’re not. Hammurabi had laws about guys like that.

        Example, 14. If a man has stolen a child, he shall be put to death.

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