Earring Tales: Crocus Crotalus

I was aiming for purple mist. Did not get it.

At least it’s… well, interesting? Like a dragon hiding out in the crocus beds of early spring. So I’m calling it after the rattlesnake genus – Crotalus.

Thoughts, suggestions?

Crocus Crotalus earrings.


5 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Crocus Crotalus

  1. This looks like snake skin from WoW. They did have a few purple snakes I almost seem to remember. Most most I see is grey, I absolutely love the fog, it’s almost as good as snow for pretty weather to admire and then go away.

    It may be the solidity if the lines? Or it might work better reversed. Maybe without the dark delineation stripe, so the purple and, pearl(?) run together?

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  2. Unrelated topic go:

    So, I read “Thorns” and enjoyed it. I now have visions of Tifa finding out Cloud has wings and saying something like, “They’re *almost* as pretty as your eyes,” then blushing and changing the subject when Cloud does a double-take. Clan AVALANCHE has a nice ring to it. Thanks for saving Zack and Aerith! (And for nodding to the Gargoyles. Miss that show.)

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