Some Storm Damage

This is all small-scale stuff; I’d rather not be out on the roads to take pics of the big stuff. But yeah, the backyard shows some of what Sally left.

Yeah, there used to be branches up there. Over a day of storm winds will do that.

Some of them on the ground.

Grapefruit tree

The grapefruit tree came through fairly well.

Fallen grapefruit

But not all the grapefruits did. I don’t know, maybe we can make a sort of lemonade.

And the vines got everywhere.

You don’t usually see the palms flattened like that.

So. A taste of the more minor storm damage. So much cleanup still to do, ow. But at least we have hot water back!


11 thoughts on “Some Storm Damage

  1. Access to hot water is not to be underestimated. I still remember the time we had no power for about a week and a half, and we were out there with a chainsaw hauling away trees and things. That was the fastest shower I have ever taken in my life. I swear I was in and out in less then two minutes. We’re on a well, so the water can get pretty darn chilly.

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  2. Says here you can make grapefruit ices or slushes. If you can freeze it, you can keep it for a long time. I think you can also do like lemons and limes, where you put them in a jar with lots of salt. You can dry grapefruit in the oven, and it takes like four hours, but presumably you can do a lot of slices at once. You can also keep stuff in a jar with a lot of sugar, or a lot of alcohol, and that will preserve it somewhat. Candied grapefruit would last a pretty long time, and I think you might not even need to peel it, just make thin slices.

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